Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket review

The Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket is a racket for beginners who want to play big without paying big. Tennis beginner players who need a racket that guarantees consistency, durability, and toughness should really consider the Wilson Energy XL racket. Of course, coming from the Wilson manufacturers, this top-notch little beauty sports a lot of features which makes it one of the most commonly used recreation rackets by tennis beginner players. This is why we have written this Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket review.

The Wilson Energy XL is ideal for beginner players because of the low pricing. This means you can still purchase this racket if you're still unsure as to whether or not you are cut out for the game of tennis or if you are not ready to commit to the sport. Hence, you can be rest assured that you have not wasted a huge sum of money even if you later realize that tennis is not the sport for you.

Also, intermediate tennis players who need a racket that fits into their low budget can consider the Wilson Energy XL racket too. In fact, if your son or daughter has developed interest in the game if tennis and you want to test to see if they will stick with the game or not, then you should add this racket to your consideration list as well. In essence, the Wilson Energy XL is the ideal racket for players who simply need something to hone their skills. It is remarkable for helping players to form their own techniques and style of playing. 

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket review

Features To Be Noticed From Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket Review

The Wilson Energy XL sports a lot of amazing features from design, build, technology, attack, responsiveness, durability, to power. Let’s examine each of these features to determine if it was necessary to have considered this Wilson Energy XL tennis racket review.

Design and Construction

Let's start by examining the build of this wonderful racket. The Wilson Energy XL by boasts a strings that have been tightly strung, as well as a large sweet spot. As a result of this build, the player will consequently experience a much harder hit even with the minimum expended effort. This racket is just perfect for young starters because everything about it has been designed to give the highest forgiveness. In particular, the build is most especially suitable for beginners who are unable to generate their own force for a swing by using their own skill.

In terms of the head, it is quite enormous. It is also strung very tightly. Particularly, the head has been designed to generate the highest level of impact with the minimum propelled effort. The construction of the racket also sports an Airlite Alloy-designed frame. This makes the racket as light as air. For beginners, this is a very good innovation. This is because players of beginner skill level will not appreciate this racket if it is too heavy. Since tennis requires consistent arm motion which the beginning players are most definitely not used to, the Wilson Energy XL is the ideal racket as it goes easy on their arm. As a result, they will be able to practice their techniques all day without stressing their arms unnecessarily.

However, one thing which is pertinent to consider that this racket's build is that the players may often experience the issue of striking the short shots too much. This is largely as a result of the size of the sweet spot, combined with the tightness of the head.


This racket has been equipped with V-Matrix technology. The essence of this technology is to generate greater power. In addition, the AirLite Alloy composition is another technology in its design that allows for higher resistance.

Furthermore, it features Stop Shock Sleeves function that assists in the reduction of vibrational effects from the racket. This consequently allows the later to have greater control of the racket.


In terms of power, this racket is perfect to generate extra power on each hit you make.

One thing to keep in mind concerning this racket, in this regard, is that keeping the ball in bounds and controlling it may seem like a big challenge for most people. This is an issue that is common with most rackets that have been designed to generate power. At the end, it all boils down to what your personal preferences are.


In this regard, it is pertinent to expound that the Wilson Energy XL racket features an incredible titanium-alloy construction. As a result, this makes it relatively durable. It can cope with some accidental hits with other rackets or the floor, as well as the overall misuse over time.

Attack and responsiveness

When it comes to attack, the Wilson Energy XL sports a length of 27.5 inches which enables the player to attack the ball with additional momentum and extra reach. This also produces an increased capacity for spin and power. Thanks to the Airlite Alloy build, the racket also delivers well on ball responsiveness off its face for an incredible shot.

Highlighted  Features

  • V-Lock bridge
  • Stop shock sleeve
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces
  • Frame composition: Airlite Alloy
  • String pattern: 16 x 19
  • It is delivered strung

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  • Large sweet spot 
  • Ultra-light frame
  • V-Lock Bridge
  • Suitable for beginning players
  • It is affordable 


  • Not suitable for some intermediate players and professional players
  • The handle sports low quality. Customer reviews have attested to this
  • It is hard to make a swift return

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wilson Energy XL a standard racket? 

As always, the answer to this kind of question is subjective. If by standard, you mean beginner level, then by all means it is. However, on the much larger scale, when you consider standards like a game at Wimbledon or Olympics, then we can not trust this racket to win you a match. However, it is a standard racket among other rackets within the same price range. It offers value for money. For new players, it is one of the best recommendations to get things done on the court. Really, you have nothing to lose if you give this racket a try.

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In, we hope this Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racket review has been useful in your search for the best tennis racket for you. Although the Wilson Energy XL racket may not be the rackets advanced players are using, it is however one is the most effective rackets to help young players to master their techniques and skill. As mentioned in the earlier paragraphs, it is perfect for beginning players who are working on a strict budget and don't want to break a vault to buy a good tennis racket. The Wilson Energy XL has been designed to encompass ease of use and user friendliness. Does the XL seem like all you've been waiting for? Then what more are you waiting for? Do not hesitate to purchase at the nearest tennis equipment store or order it online. One thing is for sure: you're going to get maximum value for your money spent. 

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