Wilson blade tennis racket review

Are you a fan of the Wilson Blade tennis racket models? If yes, then this Wilson Blade tennis racket review has been specially written just for you. We will be exploring and sharing with you all the features of the top Wilson Blade models. Enjoy!

The Wilson Blade tennis models are without any doubts one of the top Wilson tennis rackets on the market. The 7th iteration – Wilson Blade 98 – is the most recent model that has been added as an update to Wilson’s famous Blade line. In a bid to offer players with, ample plough throw, control and accuracy, the makers had to take incorporate the Countervail dampening in the Wilson Blade tennis rackets.

When we consider the Wilson Blade 104 V7, for instance, it is also one of the latest updates to the Blade versions. The Wilson Blade tennis rackets are known to feature a brilliant combination of comfort and performance. The Blade 104 V7 rackets feature the luxury addition of a 104 sq. in head, in addition to a good 290 grams unstrung weight. This therefore makes the Blade 104 a very easy-to-use racket, and at the same time maintaining a level of the high performance that the Blades ranges are known for.

Indeed, the Wilson Blade line, being one of the latest models from Wilson, boasts a range of ideal racket models for players looking for versatility, as well as maneuverability. They sport the Wilson Pro Performance grip type and a medium/moderate swing speed. Some of their compositions are made from basalt and graphite that has been braided.

Generally, the Blade rackets are very much widely accepted, and this is for genuine reasons. They are an excellent range of rackets that are suitable for all kinds of players. With the different Blade models, we are impressed that the Wilson manufacturers have taken another wonderful leap forward.

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Wilson Blade tennis racket review with  Features

Highlighted Features

  • Control-oriented
  • Feel Flex Technology
  • Heavy and light swing weight
  • Stability on contact
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Excellent absorption power
  • Dense string design
  • Good Balance
  • Solid spin
  • Impressive composition material

Wilson Blade Tennis rackets

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  • Remarkable stability
  • Impressive plow through.
  • Connected and awesome feel without comprising comfort.
  • Countervail technology
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Excellent comfort
  • Excellent returning serve
  • Access to spin
  • Flex Feel technology
  • Good control
  • Easy play ability
  • Good power
  • Lightness and versatility
  • Carbon mapping
  • Good maneuverability
  • Maximum impact
  • Solid stability at net


It is good to know that there are not so many downsides to this latest versions in the Blade line. But here are some possible things that you should probably take into consideration.

  • Based on what your personal preferences are, the launch angle may seem a little too low for you.
  • In addition, it could do better with some extra weight in the handle, so as to make it more head light especially for groundstrokes.
  • Advanced players may need more control than it offers for a model like the Blade 104 V7
  • Some models like the Blade 100L V7.0 may need more precision


Some more Details About Wilson Blade Tennis Racket


Wilson has embedded their latest Feel Flex technology in this masterpiece to help provide more torsional stamina and feel at impact. The “18×20” in the Blade 98 racket’s name is gotten from the dense 18×20 string design of the racket. In regards to other size measurements, the Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 v7 in particular weighs just over 11 ounces strung.

You will definitely also love the Feel Flex technology that is incorporated in these rackets. The Feel Flex system enhances the flexibility of the racket without affecting the stability it offers. The makes is easy to experience a better feel during the game. Overall, the carbon mapping of the rackets also helps to integrate all the features to work as intended.

A significant upside to these rackets is how easily a player can turn defense into attack. This is all thanks to the ability to provide controllable power when needed. Let’s not forget the Countervail technology too. The presence of the Countervail technology in these rackets is very impressive because it provides extra comfort. The result is an amazing, plush contact with the ball.


The specifications of the Blade line racquets have also been designed to be control-oriented. This is sure to make any team eager to test these beautiful rackets.

Performance (Power and Feel)

Particularly, it has been observed that these rackets have consistent performance right from the baseline. They provide all levels of players with impressive plow through and accuracy. We especially praise their amazing control, power, stability, and feel. As can be implied from the name of a model like the Wilson Blade 104 V7, the Blade tennis racket features a 104 square inch head which makes the racket very useful to both beginner and intermediate players who are looking for a racket that offers a lot of spin and power, and at the same time providing good comfort.

Stability and Agility

Despite the considerably heavy swingweight of some models, the rackets remain impressively stable. This makes it relatively easy to get into position when volleying. It is also fun to play doubles with the Blade models. Also, the balanced combo of the swingweight in the 330s and the low 11-ounce strung weight makes it an advantage that allows a player to leverage on the benefits of a heavy racket without the need to exert beyond the player’s energy reserve.

In addition, a model like the Wilson Blade 104 gives you excellent stability on contact, and a large target to hit. Also, the strings provide excellent absorption power, which means you won’t have any terrible shocks shooting via your joints.

Importantly, the player is able to be more agile because of the balance and the weight of the Blade tennis rackets. This makes it easy to add extra force behind your balls and accelerate the head of your racket. You can also expect a nice return of energy due to the section of the racket. This also serves as a source of necessary stability to have precise and forceful shots. The various string patterns also give additional punch, plus maximum impact, all as a result of the free movement of the strings.


Also, considering how hefty the swingweight is, the rackets are still very much maneuverable. Players will be able to quickly get it into position in time. In particular, the Blade 104 offers good maneuverability for a racket with a large head and extended length.


In addition, players who are looking to deploy accurate and massive first serves will enjoy the Blade tennis rackets.  It is also pertinent to remark that the spin is solid. It is great to strike heavy kick serves on wide side, body serves or ad sides on the deuce side. Thanks to the relatively dense string pattern and high swingweight, the Blade tennis rackets are very effective in the deployment of flat first serves.


When we consider the rackets in terms of returns, the Wilson Blade tennis rackets are excellent for both defensive and offensive returns. Although, you should bear in mind that against larger servers, there are times when it would seem like you are not totally in control of the ball. The odds of experiencing this is more when the player only has time for a lesser backswing.


In terms of the groundstrokes, the Blade tennis rackets successfully combine a slightly increased head with an extended length to provide plenty access to spin and power, which in return allows for excellent groundstrokes. In addition, the Blade model update makes the tennis rackets the ideal rackets that are extremely useful from the back of the court.

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1. Which Wilson Blade Racket Is The Best?

The answer to this question is going to be very much subjective. It all depends on what each specific player is looking for in a racket. However, our subjective pick will be the Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 V7. The reason for this is simple. It is the most feature-packed racket of all the Blade models. From excellent control, remarkable stability, Countervail technology, Feel Flex technology, Access to spin, Connected and impressive feel, to great comfort and many more. The Wilson Blade 98 is our best Blade model so far.

 2. Why Should I Buy The Wilson Blade models?

Basically, we recommend the Wilson Blade model rackets simply because of the impressive ability to control that they all seem to offer. They also increase your power at net, which makes them an excellent choice for offensive hits.


In conclusion, we can safely say that the Wilson Blade tennis rackets are most likely the number one of all the different models till date when it comes to certain features. This is why we therefore have no hesitations to applaud them in this Wilson Blade tennis racket review. We recommend the Blade line rackets to all levels of players. The Wilson Blade tennis rackets typically provide an extended length racket that encompasses a little bit of everything.

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In all, the Wilson Blade tennis rackets are a very viable option for blade fans who want a little more forgiveness and power. We recommend them because of the swift responsiveness at net, easy accessibility to spin, and controllable power.

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