Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine Review

Are you a fan of games but you find it difficult to go to the field or you don’t have a play partner? Then don’t worry because we got you covered.

Did you know that some games which are played in the field can also be played using a machine? Am pretty sure most people aren't aware of this. Tennis is one of the games that you can actually play using a machine.

Isn't it fascinating to have a machine as your player partner? Imagine a partner who is always on time, who doesn't tire and who is accurate. Definitely such a person doesn't exist because every human get tired and no one is perfect. In the current market there are different types, brands and models of tennis ball machine which has replaced the role of a tennis player partner. 

Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine is the leading Tennis Ball machine that is used to play tennis. It is a substitute for a real play partner.

Here is the detailed review about the Spinshot player Tennis ball Machine.

Spinshot player Tennis ball machine review

Height: 50CM

Length: 45CM

Width: 30CM

Ball speed: 30km/hr-110km/hr.

Battery: AC/DC options

Ball capacity: 120 balls

Drills: 12 drills(2-line at any width & height)

Pre-programmable: yes

Oscillation: Horizontal & vertical oscillation

Battery: 2-3 hrs. of play

Warranty: 2 years warranty


  • Ease of use either remotely or using an app
  • Pre-programmable with 12 distinct drills 
  • Durable and made from non plastic material
  • Easily adjustable with speed, height and ball spin capable of customization
  • Long battery life of 8hrs and 2-5 years of use
  • Flexible power options since it can use wall plug or rechargeable batteries
  • Portable and can be easily moved from place to place


  • long charging hours
  • Heavy in weight
  • Costly

Features of Spinshot player Tennis Ball Machine

Here we will mention all the features and will describe about it.


The Machine weighs 19kg 

Taking into account it features, then this weight is considered as light. This is because if  other brands of tennis ball machine would accommodate all the features in spinshot tennis ball machine, then we would expect their weight to be way much high compared to the spinshot tennis machine

Probably you feel that 19kg are much heavy for you. While they may be but you know what? This spinshot tennis machine has got 2-towing wheels. Does that sound as a relief to you? I guess it is because you can pull it on the ground and that means it will be lighter.

This way even young trainers can move it.

Ball Holding Capacity

Spinshot Player Tennis ball Machine can accommodate 120 tennis balls

Like most of the tennis ball machines it ball capacity reaches a maximum capacity of 120 balls which are placed from top of the machine.

This player model has been made in such a user friendly way and suitable even for young players and those without prior experience in tennis games.


It comes with 12 drills which are pre-programmed. However these pre-programmed drills can be customized further to suit the players' likes.

The pre-programmable drills can be set for six consecutive games. 

According to the players ability, the following can be changed to personalize the drills





It is possible to make a 2-line drill at your favorite height and any width.

After setting up the drills, you will be required to choose the drill you want to play with. So press the drill-x button(for example drill-6), then you can start playing

The customized drills can be saved for personal use.

At the tap of a button, you can customize the pre-programmed drills using an app.

There is an android and iPhone version of the app which can be downloaded free of charge. 

2-way Oscillation

The player version of the spinshot tennis machine provides both the horizontal and vertical oscillation.

You can combine horizontal oscillation together with vertical oscillation or choose any other oscillation mode you would like to play with.

The good thing is that you don’t have to strain using the machine because all this can be set up using the phone and saved later in the machine.


When using the Spinshot player tennis machine, its battery can last for 2-3 hours before it is charged again.

It is recommended that you charge it overnight since it takes approximately 8 hours to be fully charged.


In terms of measurements it is 50CM High,45CM Long and 30CM Wide 

(50CM X 45CM X 30CM)

It doesn't take a lot of space and it is compact and lighter

Ball delivery speed

Tennis balls can be delivered with a fast speed of more than 100km/hr

But this distance can be customized even as low as 30km/hr or any other speed between 30km/hr. and 100km/hr.

The machine’s feed rate is between 2-10 seconds for every shot.


The spinshot player tennis ball machine is a high quality tennis ball machine.

It is constructed from a sturdy metal base which is non plastic. As matter of fact metal is more strong and durable than plastic or wood. Although most metals are much heavy, This machine isn't as heavy as you would expect despite it being made from metal.

If it was constructed from Lead metal then it would be extremely heavy but this isn't the case. It’s constructed from sturdy Aluminum metal which guarantees it a long lasting period. Take note that aluminum also hardly rusts which is another added advantage.

By the way you can know here how to use a tennis ball machine

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)

Is it worth buying a tennis ball machine?

Buying a quality Tennis ball machine is what matters. With a good tennis ball machine, you can get an experience almost the same as the one you could have gotten in a sports based training. Investing in an expensive tennis ball machine can be costly but worth it.

How long do tennis ball machines last?

Tennis ball machines last based on various factors. It depends on the materials which they are made from. For the spinshot player tennis ball machine it can last for quite several years because it isn't made from plastic. Plastics don’t usually last long due to the high fragility. But under proper maintenance these machines aren't prone to tear and wear.

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive?

Think of hiring a tennis pitch and getting a couch for that purpose. How much would it cost to hire a tennis couch or someone who will play with you? You agree with me that it is more costly to do that than to buy a tennis ball machine.

The are just but some factors that make the tennis ball machine expensive

Remember the machine is easily portable and you can carry it to any areas you want to practice. Its convenience and effectiveness in practicing tennis makes it to be that expensive.

 How do tennis ball machines work?

Tennis ball machines work under air pressure principle. First it should have a power supply. Most of them have rechargeable batteries. The machine has got a fan which rotates when it is powered. The electric fan acts by pulling air from the external environment.

It also contains wheels that rotate the tennis balls.

Final words

The spinshot player tennis ball machine is all you need in your practice to become a professional tennis player. Although you need to complement your training by engaging in other ways of practice, the tennis ball machine is effective to get you started.

By using it you wont need a player partner. Whether you are a beginner, middle player or an expert, you can customize it accordingly and enjoy disruptive practice time.

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