How to use a Tennis Ball Machine

If you are an enthusiastic tennis player, you should be well aware of the different striking patterns. If you want to become the strongest contestant in the tennis game, you need a coach or partner. In this regard, a tennis ball machine is the most exclusive practicing aid ever developed. It can improve your gaming experience tremendously.

The machine works in a very artistic way to hurl the balls precisely to you in every direction. Moreover, a customized approach is available in the tennis ball machine. That way, you can tune out the speed, ball direction, and height of the ball. You can also adjust the spin according to your need: topspin or backspin.   

How to use a Tennis Ball Machine?

How to use a tennis ball machine

If you want to be a perfectionist in slice backhand work or the Champion of the volley, you can practice more using a tennis ball machine. Let’s have an overview of the mechanism of the tennis ball machine.

Safety measures

Before going to the working procedure, a few safety measures are here:

  • You should check the ball speed before using the machine.
  • Don’t walk in front of the tennis ball machine if it is working.
  • Make use of a standard tennis ball while practicing. Check for the size of the ball.

Adjusting the Direction

The control panel appears to be a bit complicated, but you don’t need to worry about it. The directions of the ball shot available in the machine are adjustable in alternate ways. There are seven possible directions available. Set the ball direction to number 3 and 5 in case you are a medium-level player. This direction will let the machine feed balls at the center of the court. So, you don’t rush back and forth.

 Adjusting the height

The height of the ball thrown by the machine counts a lot. If the machine feeds the ball at a suitable height level, it will help increase your consistency. The height of the ball should be enough to cross the service line. Elevation control is also present on the control panel. It helps to adjust the trajectory of the ball.

Adjusting the Ball speed

The ball speed is also a significant factor in improving the consistency of players. If the machine feeds the ball like rapid-fire, you will not gain much improvement. So, keep the speed of the ball lo and increase the height. It will take you to your target.

Adjusting the multiple shot setup.

Multiple shot setup means that the first ball fed by the machine could be a topspin drive, and the next ball could be drop short. Most of the ball machines have seven different shot adjustments.


Random shot setup

A random shot setup is also available in a tennis ball machine. If you turn on this setting, the ball machine will adjust the speed, height, direction, and spin for every ball randomly. It will help to boost your stamina and will increase your experience.


Stimulate Player Mode

Some of the rare models of tennis ball machines have a player mode. This player mode adjusts a relative speed and spin and provides the player with a customized drill. It is the same as having a professional coach. The player mode enables the machine to change the ball locations and height alternatively.

Short setup sequence

This setup helps the player to adjust the shot sequence of different balls. You can set it up with a dial. You can repeat the ball sequence of the shots also. If you set the dial to A, the tennis ball machine will repeat the shot patterns.    

Benefits of Tennis Ball machine

a. Consistency

It consistently feeds the balls and provides you with the repetition of different styles.

b. Energy saving

It conserves a lot of energy and helps the coach to instruct easily.

c. Cost-Effective

A tennis ball machine is relatively cheap to buy as compared to hiring a coach.

d. Not time bounded

A tennis ball machine helps the players to play according to their schedule. You don’t need to wait for the coaching class.    

e. Organization 

It assists in organizing uneven numbers of players for a workout. So, a coach can train several players at the same time by focusing on instructions only.

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The final verdict is that a tennis ball machine is a breakthrough in the field of tennis. It shoots the balls continuously in different style patterns across the net. Thus, a tennis ball machine can be your silent partner for practicing tennis. Customized drills, random shot patterns, and shot sequence setup help the players to improve their game and skills. The result is that Tennis ball machines are an excellent way of improving tennis. They are reliable partners for determined and enthusiastic players. Moreover, they don’t get tired.     


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