How To String A Tennis Racket (3 Easy Steps)

Stringing rackets can become a very difficult task and a real headache if not done correctly. because string is the most important thing in a tennis racket . Therefore, we are going to explain how to string a tennis racket correctly.

First, for those who do not know what stringing a racket is, it basically consists of changing the net of our racket. Normally it is changed due to use since it deteriorates and loses consistency and tension, so much so that on some occasions, it can break. For this reason, it is necessary to string the racket at least 2 times a year, depending on how you use the racket.

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How To String A Tennis Racket

To begin we have 2 cases to distinguish:

  • If you are a casual player who plays a few times during the year. The best choice
  • If otherwise you are a person who plays very frequently, you should think about buying a machine to string rackets and thus be able to do it on your own, which in the long run you will recover what the machine cost you. Besides that you will have a good time getting your racket ready.

There are 3 simple Steps in how to string a tennis racket

Well now we go from the base that you only have the frame of the racket, that is, it without strings. Well, we are going to divide this process into 3 steps:

1. Place the racket in the stringing machine

Normally in the upper part of the racket we will see a point that indicates the center of it. From there, place it in the machine making that point fit with the upper support of the machine and tighten it so that the racket is firm but without going over so as not to make it deform and you run out of racket

2. Adjusts the tension of the racket string

In the stringing of a tennis racket you should stop at this point and see what you are looking for as this will influence the behavior of your racket. Fortunately for many, racquet brands usually provide us with the default values for each racquet model as well as its tennis string scheme. If not, you can search the Internet where you will surely find the values for your racket and find out what string tension the tennis racket carries.

The machine will allow you to adjust the tension of the tennis racket string according to how you want it as well as according to the type of court and how you play, it will be better for you to put more or less tension. This will directly affect the strings of the tennis racket making them tighter, favoring a greater bounce or vice versa.

3. Lay the net

First, you must know how long the string of your racket is to see how much string you may need and thus not fall short. Once you know your measurement, get ready to start the process. To start placing the rope, what you will do is completely release the rope and you will first place it vertically from the center and you will go to the sides so you will have to leave enough net on both sides to be able to reach the end of the ends .

Then you will place and tighten them one by one with the machine. Once you finish, you will have to pass the string through a channel thicker than the rest that is at the bottom of the racket. This will help you tie the knot. To make this knot, we pass the net under the vertical net that is already there and then tip through the circle that creates us, we do this 2 times and finally cut the rope that is over (this process is the same in both sides

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Stringin a tennis racket

For horizontal strings, thread the string through the thickest channel on the top of the racket and tie a knot. Once done, start sewing horizontally, crossing the vertical strings below and above the horizontal strings, respectively, until reaching the bottom of the racket. There, you will have a last thick gutter where you can tie the knot to finish the process.

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With these 3 steps, you will have a very basic notion of how to string a tennis racket and we encourage you to try it if you like everything related to the world of tennis. It is a process that at first is a bit complicated but from the moment you do it once, the following will be a piece of cake.

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