how to put tennis balls on a walker – A Complete Guide

Why do many individuals use tennis balls on their walkers? You might have probably seen individuals having a walker with a tennis ball on the bottom. It might look strange initially, but there are several reasons why a lot of individuals like tennis balls instead of the usual rubber tips on their walkers.

Well, tennis balls tend to offer many benefits over rubber tips and are a bit safer to utilize. If you want to put a tennis ball on a walker, we have prepared a simple guide to help you out.  

So in this article, we are going to talk about how to put tennis balls on a walker step by step.

how to put tennis balls on a walker Step by Step Guide

  • The first step is to find all the necessary materials. Some of the materials you should have in your tool arsenal comprise: 
  • Tennis balls
  • A hammer
  • Equipment for holding the tennis ball 
  • Knife or Sharp box cutters

Once you have collected all the equipment required, the next step involves starting the work.

  • Hold the ball in place. 

One of the tools that we highlighted is a tool for holding the tennis ball. Take this tool and grasp the ball in place. This prevents the tennis ball from moving from one direction to another. You can also try using a vise. Slowly insert the ball into the vise so that it is stable and doesn’t move a single turn as you cut.

But if you’ve done this process before, you may choose to grasp the ball with your hands. However, if this is your first time, you are advised to use a vise. In case you don’t have a visa, call a friend for help. The idea is to stabilize and position the ball to prevent it from shifting when you begin cutting.

  • Label the starting point. 

While we’ve listed nail and hammer as the most important tools, they aren’t that important. Well, that’s because you may as well utilize a sharp object like a knife to cut a hole that will indicate the starting point for the slicing process. Hence to drill a hole in your tennis ball, you might attempt either of these two steps: The first step involves driving the nail into the ball until air comes out. The second step involves using a knife to place the initial hole where the real trimming process begins.

  • Draw an X mark on the ball using a knife.

 With the hole you have designed, draw an X utilizing your knife. But you have to ensure that the size of the X is approximately two inches in regards to length. It’s not necessary that the hole is two inches, you may as well extend but the X mark size relies upon the size of the walker’s legs. Simply follow the line that draws the X shape on your tennis ball.

  • Place the ball on the walker’s leg. 

When you have finished cutting and labeling the X mark on your tennis ball, insert the ball into the leg of the walker. See, the process is simple. Access the flaps and move the legs of the walker onto the ball. You may opt to use an adhesive for increased stability. However, you can leave it that way.

Reasons to utilize tennis balls on the walker

Herein are simple reasons as to why you should use a tennis ball on your walker:

  • Tennis balls are known to work best on any flat surface. When tennis balls are used on concrete or tiles, they tend to function great. Well, this means they might be used on any smooth or flat surface, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Many walkers are often equipped with rubber tips on the bottom. However, these rubber tips are generally not wide and slippery. That means that they don’t offer more stability. However, if you opt to utilize tennis balls on your walker, you can slide instead of lifting them and it offers greater traction and stability. It also a bigger surface area compared to rubber tips. Well, this gives higher stability and safety.
  • Utilizing tennis balls in your walker as well decreases the squeaky noise associated with the use of rubber tips
  • Plenty of individuals have realized that using tennis balls makes the walkers easier to use. They often offer your walker increased traction and stability. It permits users to push their walkers rather than lifting them. They as well offer a larger surface area compared to rubber tips.
  • Parents can also use tennis balls for their children in their baby walkers. This helps children be a little more dynamic with their walkers. Children don’t want a walker that restricts them to only one place. Well, rubber does that. But tennis balls make them slide easily and move faster. This also seems more natural to them in general.
  • When you use your walker to slide every time, it’s great to consider tennis balls. Tennis balls slide more easily than rubber tips. Rubber tips are known to slip a bit and wear out quickly with this treatment. It will generally cost you $ 20 to buy new or replace rubber. But when you use tennis balls, you will be required to use just a dollar to purchase a new one. Of course, there are numerous cheaper ways to get already used tennis balls. As they are used on-site, you don’t have to buy new ones to serve you. Just ask for donations and you will be surprised to get a lot of supplies.


  • Children also use their walkers a little more sportily with this incredible finish. With tennis balls, your child can walk faster and easier and enables them to be active in any game. It might seem like little, but utilizing a little color to walk seems smart and attractive.

You can also watch this video about how to put tennis balls on a walker.

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Final verdict

I hope now you completely understand how to put tennis balls on a walker.

Is It secure to utilize Tennis Balls on your walker? The simple answer as seen above, yes. Many folks use tennis balls on their walkers to improve stability and safety. Tennis balls are one of the best materials for your walker. If you have had bad experiences with rubber tips in the past, utilizing tennis balls may be an excellent thought. Tennis balls give a large surface for increased stability and gliding. They can adapt to anyone, older or younger.


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