How to play tennis? You Should Know About It.

Have you always wanted to learn to play tennis but didn’t know where to start? Do you love to see how Rafael Nadal or María Sharapova dominate the field and would you like to be like them? By playing tennis, you can develop speed, power and fitness, as well as being a great way to spend time with your friends or family. You must learn the layout of the court, the scoring system and all the necessary playing techniques to become an expert. So In this article we are going to talk about how to play tennis to help those tennis lovers to become a batter tennis player.

How to play tennis

How to play tennis Properly  Complete guide

Tennis is practiced on a flat, rectangular field, divided by an intermediate network, played with rackets that is played between two players (singles) or between two pairs (doubles) and which consists of hitting the ball with the racket to make it go from one side to the other of the field passing over the net.

The game begins with the serve of one of the players, who must hit the ball in such a way that it bounces inside the square opposite to the side of the one who serves; in other words, if a player serves from his right, the ball must bounce in the box on the left but always in the box next to the net, on his opponent’s side.

For each point the player who serves has two opportunities, if the first fails, he has one more; if the player fails his chances this becomes a point for the opponent.

During the player’s serve the points are counted at 15, 30, 40 or deuce. The point is completed until the point is earned after 40 with a minimum of 40-30 remaining. If 40-40 (deuce) is won by the one who scores two points in a row, these points during the game are called “advantage”.

In short tournaments 2 sets of 3 are played, each set ends by adding 6 games with 2 minimum difference games (6-4) if this difference is not made, the set is extended to a tie-break consisting of playing single points and The player who first adds 7 with a difference of 2 points wins (7-5 ​​for example). Watch and bet on professional tennis games with Betway

In long tournaments like Grand Slam, 3 sets of 5 are played. In the most emblematic tournament of Tennis, Wimbledon, reaching the 5th set does not play a tie-break, but the number of games is extended until the difference of 2 games. Professional tennis matches with sets of 70-68 have been presented

Tennis handles 3 surfaces on the court: grass, brick dust and hard. The grass surface can be seen at the Wimbledon Open, the brick dust is at the Roland Garros and the hard surface is at the Australian Open and the US Open.

In tennis, different tournaments are played, such as the ATP 250, ATP 500, ATP 1000, Grand Slam, ATP World Tour Finals, ATP Challenger Tour, Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. In total there are 244 tournaments that are played each year. The ITF is the International Tennis Federation, the largest body in world tennis.

Strokes and Basic Techniques Used in Tennis

Serve: it can be the most important blow, doing it correctly allows you to play when you are ahead, either because you achieve an “ace” which means winning a point without the opponent being able to touch the ball or because in the opponent’s return, the server is in an excellent position to answer the ball.

Drive or Right: it is a basic shot, the player hits the ball after the first bounce on the same side of the arm, to achieve an excellent shot the player must be outlined correctly, with the arm extended and when hitting the ball the movement of the arm must end on the other side of the body.

Backhand: a blow that is difficult to control, it is contrary to the position of the drive, to achieve a good impact the position of the body is essential, when receiving and impacting the ball, the shoulder must be lowered and must be pointed at the net, the arm It is in front of the body to hit the ball.

Volley: it is the blow that is made in the air before the ball hits the ground, generally this technique is done when the player is close to the net, it must be a fast and very precise execution.

Drop Shot or Dropped: it is a technique that reduces power to the ball so that it falls as close to the net as possible on the opponent’s side, it is a move to surprise the opponent, the best time to do it, is when the other player is at the back of the court.

Shot: also known as smash, it is performed strongly before the ball is thrown with the aim of defining the point; It is a high blow that is made from the top down, it must be a powerful blow to subtract the response possibilities of the other player.


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