How to play tennis against defensive players



How to play tennis against defensive players. The typical «Metebolas»
You will have one, or several adversaries, that will give you headaches on the track. And, among them there will be someone who is always on defense. And you have to know actually to use Tennis racquet.

How to play tennis against defensive players

You can also be this person who passes many balls to the other side. And that is fine. It is one of the styles you can wear.

Let’s talk about a defensive player. The typical “metebolas” is the one that is always at the bottom of the track and returns everything. It has no high pace, no depth, no angles. But it makes you suffer a lot.

He runs through all the balls and passes them by your side, and he never tires. He could stay there, pushing balls, all day. At higher levels you can have more weight with effect, more ball placement and more depth, but the essence of your game plan will remain the same as before – return everything.

Those all high balls that seem to come flying forever, hypnotize you. You stay there, waiting, and it doesn’t take long to stop thinking. The opponent keeps pulling you up again and again. It seems he’s testing your patience. That kind of Tennis games can be very effective against someone who can’t handle it. It drives you crazy and makes you dizzy on the track.
And Then you will ask: What do I do against them?



To play tennis against defensive players, patience is your best friend. Against those balls that keep coming back, against that game that is heavy, repetitive and slow, and the same thing happens over and over again, not losing the reins is the best thing you can do. Metebolas are a human wall. They will run longer than you, and they will last longer than you. And if you allow it, your head will already start to go away.

And prepare to suffer. Mental preparation beforehand is essential, because the defensive player style is the first thing that attacks your head. You have to go out on the court knowing that each rally is going to last a long time. You will have to hit many more balls than usual. And when you think you’ve made a winner, the ball will keep coming back high and deep, and you’ll have to start all over again. I know … that drives you crazy.

Defensive players have a lot of continuity and patience. Continuity is one of its best weapons. And that is difficult to defeat. Up to professional levels, where points are earned with direct hits, the percentage of failures is what decides the direction of the matches. You put more balls – you win. And a “metebolas” is what it does: not fail. Unforced errors determine the result more than spectacular shots. That is the key to the defense game … and also against it.
Defensive play may be consistent but is also limited. If you have patience and know how to take advantage of that type of game, you can overthrow it.

A “metebolas” beats you because you have choosen the wrong game plan. As more and more balls come back you start to get frustrated. You lose patience. You hold on and put more, too much effort. You try to hit harder, deeper, more angled, and in the end you make some unthinkable hits for your level. But your opponent keeps returning everything until you make the mistake. Or you may get into his game, which will also lead to certain defeat.

So you have to prepare well mentally. Find all the patience you can find and get used to the idea of ​​facing very long battles.

Here are some tactical tips to try to beat ultra-defensive players.

Upload, or attract the defensive player to the net

Upload, or attract the defensive player to the net

What you have to do when you play tennis against defensive players is to force them into a game that is not theirs. Try to hit a passing ball, throw yourself a balloon, hit with less time, decide on more precise shots. If you stay at the bottom of the track you leave them all the margin to not miss and there they feel very comfortable. Narrow down your goals. You will see how they will begin to rush and get nervous.

Or if you attract them to volley, they show you how they make a delivery, a quick boat, a shot (better if there is sun). Get them out of their comfortable place and they’ll be easy prey.

I’m also not saying to get on the net at every point, or throw a high ball at them to get in, no. Choose the moments well, and once you have a chance, take advantage of it. Don’t let them fall asleep at their monotonous pace on the track. Break the rhythm and turn the game around.


Hit the ball with less force

Hit the ball with less force

The “metebolas” uses your power to block the ball. The harder you hit it, the stronger it will pay you back. And the one who gets tired is you. Also by accelerating you start to make more mistakes and that’s what they want. So save energy and from the back of the track open angles with low-tempo shots. Make your opponent work harder and when you have a clear shot, don’t hesitate – enter with confidence.

The serve varies. Take out a second instead of a first once in a while. Don’t try to win the game with aces. This way you will force them to generate their own strength, to enter the ball, and that is not their game. They will begin to fail and accelerate. And if they push the ball, be there, waiting to get in. And take the opportunity to upload.

The next time you play tennis against defensive players try to apply something from here to the court. It will take time to get used to these changes. Develop an intuition of what you have to do at the given moment, and what works best for you. You will feel more comfortable having so many options, weapons, to use them on the track.

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I think if you read this you will get some extra knowledge about tennis game.

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