How to measure tennis grip size( 2 Simple Ways)


Choosing the right grip size really makes a difference in the game and the performance of the racket. So, Here we are talking about How to measure tennis grip size?  If you are not sure of yours, be sure to read the two simple ways that we show you below to measure the exact size of grip:


How to measure tennis grip size Step by step

Two simple ways to measure tennis grip size

1. Hold the racket in the East grip position, that is, the palm of the hand placed in the same plane as the face of the string. The index finger of the free hand should enter the space between the ring finger and the palm of the hand. If there is not enough room for the index, then the grip is too small.

If, on the contrary, the index fits perfectly and there is still free space, the grip is too large. Too small a grip requires more muscle strength to keep the racket steady and keep it from turning in your hand, and prolonged use can lead to elbow problems. For its part, a too large grip makes it difficult to turn the wrist in the serves, the change of the grip, and also requires more strength in the muscles. Similarly, prolonged use of an overly large grip can also result in elbow problems.

2. If you do not have a racket on hand, you can also measure the size of the grip with a ruler: with your hand open and fingers stretched together, just align the ruler with the lower lateral crease of the palm and measure up to the tip of the ring finger.

Do not forget that it is always easier and more feasible to increase the handle size of most rackets than to decrease it; in fact, most of the racket handles on the market today cannot be decreased.

If it is not very clear which size of handle to choose and you are hesitating between two, it is always advisable to opt for the smaller one and then add an overgrip until you achieve the desired adjustment. A normal overgip will increase the grip by 0.16 cm, that is, half a size. You can also use a heat shrink sleeve that increases the size by about 0.32 cm, that is, one size. Both methods will also slightly increase the total weight of the racket (7-16 grams), but in any case, the advantages of playing with the proper grip size far outweigh the disadvantages of added mass.

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How to measure tennis grip size

Grip Size CHart

US Grip Size (inches) Europe TW product listing
4* 0 4 (#0)
4 1/8 1 4 1/8 (#1)
4 1/4 2 4 1/4 (#2)
4 3/8 3 4 3/8 (#3)
4 1/2 4 4 1/2 (#4)
4 5/8 5 4 5/8 (#5)
4 3/4** 6 4 3/4 (#6)

Hopefully, You understand How to measure tennis grip size?

We also recommend changing the grip frequently. A new, clean and well-placed grip gives the player greater control of the racket and more confidence in it. Take a look at our Racquets section and our Best tennis racquet for beginners.

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