How to choose a tennis racket size for kids

When we think about How to choose a tennis racket size for kids, it is totally normal to have doubts. Also, any parent who played tennis in their childhood wishes they could relive their childhood all over again just to play the game with the wonderful modern kid’s tennis racket s available today.

How to choose a tennis racket size for kids

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A racket sizing chart for kids

I see lots of kids in the session with the wrong size rackets. Parents were well aware, usually buying an expensive racquet that kids could grow up with.

Although each child is unique, it is important to take the time to keep each child free from injury and to spend time with the appropriate racket to help them enjoy tennis. Having said that, here are a few basic guidelines for doing something that would make tennis rackets look great.

The following chart gives an outline of the length of the racket suitable for children of a certain age and height, this is a good start, the quick rule of thumb is that the racket should not touch the ground when held next to the child.

Age Height Racket Length
4 years or younger 40 inches or shorter 19 inches
4-5 years 40-44 inches 21 inches
6-8 years 45-49 inches 23 inches
9-10 years 50-55 inches 25 inches
10 or older 55 inches or taller 26 inches

The length of the racket for kids

Without a doubt, the most important measure for choosing a tennis racket for kids is the length of the racket and the height of your child. The length of the tennis racquet is the initial combination that makes them more child friendly.

Currently, children’s rackets are measured in inches as follows: 19, 21, 23, 25, and 26 the above chart can help to serve as a good guide, there are some additional things to consider when choosing the right size.

Checking the length of the racket

A common method used to test the length of a racket for children is to first make your child stand nice and tall. You place the tennis racket next to them with your head on the ground for rest and the racket handle pointing towards the sky.

Next, place your child on the palm of their hand at the end of the cane-like tennis racquet handle. If your child’s arm is comfortably stretched and resting on the butt cap of the tennis racket, you’ve probably got the racket of the right length. On the other hand, if you have the baby comfortably tie their hand to the handle or their hand does not reach the handle, you may want to try another size.

Helpful tip

As a parent, it can be helpful to hear and see the symptoms while your child is playing tennis. If they come out hitting the court and you see their wrists or arms tremble due to discomfort or complain about the wrists or arms, they should take another look at the size of the racket.

Grip size for kids

Grip size refers to the circumference or distance of the edge of a racket handle and is measured in inches. For kids, choosing the right grip size is a bit easier than for adults, mainly because manufacturers produce 4-inch grip sizes for almost all children’s tennis racquets. You can get some variations, but you will probably find other grip sizes rarely.

In some cases, the grip of a racquet can be too big or too small for your child. If so, there are some adjustments to customize the fit. Shortening the grip becomes a bit more challenging, so the best advice is to talk to your coach or take your racquet to your local tennis shop where they decorate the changes while maintaining a comfortable feeling.

If you think the size of the grip is too small, the easiest way to create a grip is to add an overgrip, which will increase the size of the grip by about 1/16 of an inch. It’s impossible not to increase your grip size too much, but your local tennis shop can help you create your child’s grip by adjusting more permanently if needed.

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Final Words

I hope you completely understand How to choose a tennis racket size for kids. With a little effort, you can match your child to a great racquet at any time. Doing so will help prevent an injury that could happen using a racquet that is too large and keep your child on the court for hours on end.

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