Best Wilson Tennis Rackets: Top 3 Wilson Rackets Reviews

There is doubt that the quality and characteristics of the tennis racket you use plays a vital role in the success of a game. In this article, we have taken the delight to review three of the best Wilson tennis rackets in the market.

After 23+ Hour Researched Top 3 Best Wilson Tennis Rackets.

  1. Wilson Blade v7 98 18×20
  2. Wilson Pro Staff 97
  3. Wilson Clash 100

Best Wilson Tennis Rackets Reviewed & Analyzed

* Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 v7

Technical Specifications
  • Length : 27 in 69 cm
  • Weight : 11.4 oz 323 gm
  • Balance Point : 13 in 33 cm 4pts Head Light
  • Construction : 21mm / 21mm /21mm
  • Composition : Braided Graphite / Basalt
  • String Pattern : 18 Mains / 20 Crosses

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Wilson Blade v7 98 18x20 Tennis Rackets

Summary Review (over 100)
  • Overall  85
  • Groundstrokes 86
  • Volleys 87
  • Serves 81
  • Returns 82
  • Power 79
  • Control 89
  • Maneuverability 79
  • Stability 90
  • Comfort 86
  • Touch/Feel 88
  • Topspin 80
  • Slice 88

The Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 v7 is one of the best Wilson tennis rackets. It is the seventh iteration that has been added as an upgrade to Wilson’s popular Blade line for 2019. In order to provide players with accuracy, control and ample plow through, Wilson had to remove the Countervail dampening. Wilson has incorporated their new FeelFlex technology in this masterpiece to help provide more feel and torsional stamina at impact. 

The “18×20” in the racket’s name is derived from its dense 18×20 string  pattern. In terms of other size measurements, the Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20 v7 weighs just over 11 ounces strung. The control-oriented specifications of this racquet is bound to make any team anxious to put it to the test. 

Particularly, while testing the Wilson 98 18×20 v7, we recorded its solid and consistent performance from the baseline. It provided our players with remarkable accuracy and plow through. All our players who tested this Wilson racquet commented on its awesome feel, stability, power, and control. Conclusively, it is safe to say that this seventh Blade 98 18×20 v7 is perhaps the best of all its versions to date. We can boldly recommend that other big players should add this new racquet to their collection. Testing this new Wilson racquet was an exciting moment for our players and we know it would bring eagerness and anxiety to you when you have it in your hands also. 

Feature Review:


Ground strokes 

In terms of striking the balls off the ground, our players found the Blade 98 18×20 v7 very smooth and plush on contact. 


Our team of play testers were impressed that they felt very stable at net in spite of a relatively heavy swing weight. It became quite easy to get into position when volleying. When playing volley, you would find the Blade 98 18×20 v7 to be surprisingly stable. It’s fun playing doubles with it. It makes you feel in total command of the ball. Given the hefty swing weight, this racket remains maneuverable. You would be able to get it into place in time. You would feel the capacity to aim your shots properly. 


If you’re looking to deploy massive, accurate first serves, then the Blade 98 18×20 v7 is just what you need. When Our players tested it, they were a bit skeptical at first. However, they noticed that they could effectively target their positions and hit an offensive, heavy first serve. In particular, one of our players remarked that the spin was solid. 

It was fabulous to hit heavy kick serves on the ad side and wide side or body serves on the deuce side. Another of our player indicated that the relatively high swing weight and dense string pattern of the Blade 98 18×20 v7 was effective in deploying flat first serves. 

Conclusively, the balanced combination of the low 11-ounce strung weight and swing weight in the 330s is a benefit that allows a player to leverage on an heavy racket advantage without having to tax one’s energy level. 


In terms of returns, the Blade 98 18×20 v7 turns out to be an excellent racket for both offensive and defensive returns. It was easy to counter punch serves that were approaching very fast. However, you may have to keep in mind that against bigger servers, there are times when you may feel like you don’t have a complete control of the ball. The chances of experiencing this is higher when you only have time for a shorter back swing. 

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  • Stability is remarkable. Every tester attested to this while using it. 
  • Impressive plow through is another upside/benefit that comes with this seventh update to the Wilson Blade line. 
  • It offers a connected and awesome feel. 


  • Depending on what your personal preference is, the launch angle may be a little too low. 
  • Also, one of our players remarked that the Blade 98 18×20 v7 could do better with some extra weight in the handle. This would make it more head light specifically for ground strokes.  

In all, the most outstanding features of this racket is that it provides accuracy, stability and plow through with a better, convenient feel than its predecessor. 

So we can say this is one of the best tennis rackets which is invented by wilson.

* Wilson Pro Staff 97

Technical Specifications
  • Length : 27 in 69 cm
  • Weight : 11.7 oz 332 gm
  • Construction : 21.5mm Straight Beam
  • Composition : Braided Graphite
  • This Rackets String Pattern : 16 Mains / 19 Crosses 
  • The size of the head is 97sq 
  • The balance point however is 12.6in

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Rackets

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Overview Report (over 100)
  • Power 85
  • Control 78
  • Maneuverability 82
  • Stability 83
  • Comfort 83
  • Touch/Feel 87
  • Serves 87
  • Ground strokes 88
  • Returns 83
  • Slice 84
  • Topspin 83
  • Volleys 84
  • Overall 86

The Wilson Pro Staff 97 was tested by our players who had previously tested the former version. We also brought in a new player to test it for a more vast review. This update comes with a new, sleek design that will make any player stand out on the tennis court. Just like every other Pro Staff rackets, the Pro Staff 97 has a uniquely crisp, yet muted feel. This is largely as a result of its braided graphite layup. The Pro Staff 97 provides impressive maneuverability that enhances returns and volleys. In addition, our players found a lot of access to power and spin on serves and ground strokes. 

Feature Review:

Ground strokes

It is not so much of a surprise that our players were able to find an excellent blend of power, maneuverability and spin from this upgrade of the Pro Staff 97. Just like the other Pro Staff rackets, this racket will leave you feeling highly connected to the ball as it sinks in and subsequently leaves the string bed. 

It is interesting to mention that there would be a high availability of power and spin for whenever a player wants to take a larger cut at the ball. Yet, there would still be a lot of feel for when you are just trying to position the ball in a good place on the other side of the net. In all, this racket’s weight will provide you with just the right power you need on your ground strokes. 


One awesome feature our players noticed in this regard was the ability to end points at the net with ease. You may find yourself enjoying playing with the racket the most at the net. It offers a dampened feel on contact, maneuverability, and comfort that allowed our players to get into position quickly. Whether you hit the sweet spot or not, you will be able to put your volleys away with great target and accuracy. Without doubts, hitting volleys with this racket is indeed enjoyable. However, you may notice a slight lack of control with shorter strokes like the volley. 


The racket’s spin potential becomes very useful when serving. One of our players remarked having an excellent access to spin and placement on his serves. This racket makes it easy to place your serves just in almost the exact position you want it to be. The good placement inspires the confidence needed to really go up and after the serves to access extra spin or pace when required. 


The Wilson Pro Staff 97 allows for excellent feel and maneuverability when it comes to returning. However, you would have to be careful not to send the ball flying with the easy power that the racket offers. The excellent access to spin can however help you to avoid this from happening.

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  • It offers great ample power and maneuverability.
  • It allows for an easy access to spin
  • The feel is amazing and smooth. It feels so comfortable from all angles on the court.


  • One major disadvantage that was observed while reviewing this racket is the loss of control outside sweet spot. 
  • There is quite a downside with the control at net

* Wilson Clash 100

Technical Specifications
  • Length : 27 in 69 cm
  • It has a head size of 100 square in 645 square centimeter
  • Weight : 11 oz 312 gm
  • Construction : 21.5mm / 21.5mm /21.5mm
  • Composition : Graphite
  • String Pattern : 16 Mains / 19 Crosses 

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Rackets

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Overview Report (over 100)
  • Overall 87
  • Ground strokes 87
  • Volleys 85
  • Serves 80
  • Returns 86
  • Power 83
  • Control 88
  • Maneuverability 90
  • Stability 83
  • Comfort 90
  • Touch/Feel 87

Topspin 84

  • Slice 87

Unlike anything else in the market today, this racket offers an extremely amazing playing experience. All our players who tested the Wilson’s Clash series remarked that it was topnotch. Being one of the best Wilson tennis rackets on the market, the Wilson Clash 100 comes with a FreeFlex technology that empowers the player with maximum ball pocketing and control. Furthermore, this amazing racket features a Stable Smart frame geometry that increases the level of stability and power when playing. In order to give a very comprehensive, detailed and global perspective on the Wilson Clash 100, we gathered our players with different playing techniques and skills to review every stroke of this racket. 

One particular thing they all agreed with was the excellent maneuverability and stability for its weight. In essence, we can say that to a large and practical extent, the Wilson Clash 100 is different from every other racket in the market and it is definitely a must try for all tennis players. 

Overview Features:

Ground strokes

The moment you hold the racket, you experience the distinctive feel that the Wilson Clash 100 offers from the baseline. One of our players commented on how easy it was to tap into the power levels of this racket. With the Wilson Clash 100, it is easy to generate racket head speed, get under the ball and hit more angled ground strokes to pull your opponent off the court. 


It is delightful to expound that the Wilson Clash 100 was extremely maneuverable up at net. One of our players remarked on how there was easy power to put away the ball and end the point. Indeed, any player would be able to tap into the racket’s volley potential. As a result of the racket’s flexibility, there is more return of detail concerning the volleys. This allows the player to hit more touch and angled shots. The racket also offers amazing maneuverability that is perfect for quick exchanges at net. 


Overall, our players confirmed that there is a good general power with the Wilson’s Clash 100 serve. You would not have to work harder to get an extra spin on your second hit. In particular, our player remarked on having a successful first serve. He commented on the ability to generate high racket head speed and hit some powerful first serves into the corners at a significantly high percentage.

 When you effectively land your serve, you would feel it penetrating through the court adequately. This will consequently give your opponents little time to respond and will result in a number of extra free points for every game. In addition, the awesome spin potential gives the serve an additional momentum. 


While reviewing this racket, we observed it has a potential to hit offensive returns. You would never feel too late or early on returns. You can count on this racket for plenty of topspin to get the ball landing in on the other side of the net. Even with the most powerful of serves, this racket will give you just the right confidence you need to attack. Conclusively, we can truly confirm that this racket is a great and versatile tool on the return. 

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  • It is very spin friendly
  • It provides a flexible feeling
  • It offers powerful handling
  • You would most likely experience excellent control on your returns, particularly when you flatten out your backhand.
  • Comfort, precision and massive power are easily accessible while on the attack.


  • The racket has a higher launch angle
  • this racket may need to be more spin friendly on the forehand side. 
  • This racket may need additional weight in the hoop to maintain torsional stability. 

In all, accessing power may give you quite a hard time with this racket. All it needs is just some extra weight and this racket would be almost faultless. Nonetheless, this racket cannot be directly compared to any other rackets. 


Are Wilson tennis rackets good?

Indubitably, Wilson rackets are excellent tennis equipment. They are popular for their innovative utilization of modern technology. Wilson is a manufacturer that can be relied upon for the best quality and design. Their design and features are elegant, unique, and easily recognizable. Particularly, Wilson has a remarkable reputation for delivering power. Although they may not be as light as other rackets, Those 3 Rackets from Wilson Brand also beginner tennis racquet.

they will allow the player to put additional energy into the strokes. In terms of spin, Wilson uses a string material that allows easy generation of spin. In terms of feel, Wilson uses a responsive string pattern and string bed that makes the racket easy to control. In terms of durability, Wilson equipment will last for years if handled with adequate care. They possess significant strength level and durability. And one thing more if you know how to hold a tennis racket well then not only Wilson Tennis Racket Almost maximum rackets will be good for you.

How do I choose a Wilson tennis racket?

Picking a Wilson tennis racket would vary based on what each player is looking for. If you need a Wilson racket that would give ultimate control, then you would need a racket with head size range of 98 or less. Examples are the Wilson Pro Staff rackets. For physically strong or athletic beginners/intermediates, and advanced players who are looking for more power in their game, then you may select the Wilson Burn rackets. This is the best Wilson tennis rackets for players who are not physically very strong or athletic. 

Final Words

In all, Wilson rackets have been associated with several popular names, both past and present. Each brand of Wilson rackets have their special characteristics that make them stand out. When you purchase a Wilson equipment, you can be rest assured that you are getting maximum value for your money. 

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