Top 10 Best Tennis Strings In 2021

The market is full of numerous brands of tennis strings. Every brand comes with its own features. In order for you to choose the best tennis strings, you need to learn and know the variety of tennis strings available and what factors to consider when choosing the best ones.

 When you understand all of this, at the end of the day, you will choose the perfect tennis strings to suit your needs. Plus, the correct strip can assist you enhance your performance, endure arm gnawing injuries such as tennis elbow, and save you a lot of cash. 

We have compiled a guide of the best tennis strings accessible in the market to help you avoid the stresses of browsing through the different pages searching the best ones. We have done extensive research and presented the best strings that outperforms many strings available.

 We will discuss the features, advantages and disadvantages of every string and give you a deeper understanding on how to choose the best. However, if you are in a hurry and don't want to read, you can also click on the Amazon link to complete the purchase.

Best Tennis Strings




1. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven


3. Head Rip Control

4. Wilson NXT Comfort

5. Head Synthetic Gut PPS

6. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

7. Babolat VS Touch

8. Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL

9. Wilson Champions Choice Duo


The Best 10 Tennis Strings Reviewed

Below, We are going to take a complete review of our selected top ten tennis strings. 

So Let's get started.......

1. Solinco Hyper-G Heaven

This tennis string is your best choice. It is packed with many features. With it you can make a perfect spin and have great control amid the game. The Solinco Hyper-G Heaven is usually solid and long lasting compared to polyester strings because it doesn't lose tension quickly and can withstand the extra pressure that occurs during play.

Solinco Hyper-G Heaven adapts to different players. Professional players and those who have injuries to their arms can utilize this type of string. It provides an exceptional feel and permits players to get the most out of the game. This string is designed from co-polyester materials and it has a square shape for perfect control.

Shape: Square
Material: Co-poly
Gauge: 16-20

Solinco Hyper-G Heaven Tennis string


  • It's long lasting
  • Affordable with great feel and control
  • Perfect design for incredible spin


  • Not that powerful
  • Reported cases of the string not lasting


This tennis string is loved by many players for its perfect spin. Larger stroke players can benefit greatly from this type of string as it offers incredible control, comfortable gaming, and a 17-gauge option. Well, this makes it a popular product choice for professionals and beginners alike.

The features available in these products are many. For instance, it's round in shape, black in color, and designed from co-polyester material for a longer life and excellent play. Players who use this type of string always scare their opponents because of its structure and polished surface.

It also offers an amazing spin and when compared to polyester strings, this one is softer. Additionally, players who adore heavier racquets and want a longer lasting with incredible control, this pick is the best. 

Shape: Round
Material: Co-poly
Gauge: 16, 17

RPM BLAST BLACK 17g Tennis String


  • It provides an excellent spin and comfortable play.
  • Suits all kinds of players.
  • It's durable and can’t be damaged easily.
  • Affordable.


  • Not that powerful as they are made from co-poly.
  • It tends to lose its quality quickly.

3. Head Rip Control

The powerless soft spin and texture gives users a harder topspin. Well, this spin is as well easy to the elbow, thus making it a perfect choice for people with arm injuries. Its thick gauge offers users a longer gaming experience. Despite the fact that it’s a little softer, users need to play with more tension. As it doesn’t interfere with the tennis elbow, in return it offers the user incredible grasp for topspin of the ball.

Also, this tennis string is well designed because it has no vibration during play and users can have a comfortable grip and amazing control. It offers an impressive touch, feel, and suits all players, whether beginners or experienced. The precision, elasticity and power this string experiences is remarkable. It is comfortable on the arm and injured players can easily play comfortably.

Shape: Textured and Rough
Material: Polyester
Gauge: 16, 17

Head Rip Control Tennis strings


  • Suits professional players
  • Offers a great power and control
  • It manages harder topspin
  • Gives impressive shots and feel


  • Its tension tends to decrease with time
  • Insufficient power

4. Wilson NXT Comfort

Wilson is a brand that is no kidding when it comes to making high quality tennis products. For example, their tennis strings stand out in the market. Your Wilson NXT comfort is a multifilament string with around 1600 fibers. Well, this adds up to an incredible combination of strength and comfort. 

The soft feel of this string makes it the perfect choice for players looking for comfort while playing. However, since the shelf life is limited, beginners can buy this tennis as they are players who rarely damage things.

Shape: Round
Material: Multifilament
Gauge: 16, 17

Wilson NXT Comfort Tennis Strings


  • Assist gamers who wants to prevent problems like tennis elbow
  • Excellent comfort and strength
  • Suits newbies


  • Easy to break
  • The tension is limited

5. Head Synthetic Gut PPS

This tennis string offers an exceptional performance and with it, you can have a multipurpose string. Widely known for its incredible Power Strip Technology, that is the Polyphenylene Sulfide Strip. It offers increased strength and elasticity for additional performance.  Similarly, it incorporates an incredible Pearl Polyamide covering to decrease nicks and burns and add durability compared to other synthetic guts.

The string consists of a monofilament core with an outer wrap shell that integrates incredible tension maintenance with a slightly softer feel for a greater, durable string. It is an excellent selection for players looking for high-performance and durable synthetic gut items, and as well for players looking for a multipurpose item for hybrid use.

Shape: Round
Material: Nylon (Synthetic Gut) and Multifilament
Gauge: 16, 17

Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis strings


  • It's user-friendly to the user.
  • Offers an impressive feeling of power and spin
  • Can improve your drop and control
  • Comfortable to use


  • Gets easily damaged on harder blows
  • Does not maintain power and control over a long period of time

6. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

If you are looking for a tennis string that integrates durability and control, Wilson’s Synthetic Gut Power is the best. This device offers plenty of features and is surrounded by extreme energy wraps. It offers sufficient action and prevents the primary problem of synthetic guts, namely sufficient power.

Being one of the cheap strings in the market, it’s an incredible item for players who don’t use strings regularly and are searching for ways to save cash on strings.

Shape: Round
Material: Nylon (Synthetic Gut)
Gauge: 16

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis strings


  • Its user-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Gives excellent performance for a synthetic gut


  • Insufficient spin and feel
  • Not suitable for professional players

7. Babolat VS Touch

The Babolat VS Touch has a protective coating that improves guts. Well, this makes this string the most preferred and a good selection for both experienced and newbie players.  The built-in thermoregut coating in the string helps boost durability and performance. Furthermore, it may as well help withstand humidity. The coating as well acts tougher than the Touch BT7 but it also brings out the comfort and incredible pop.

Hence, players seeking comfort, incredible performance, and more excitement; This product has it all. Likewise, this string works best in the event of an injury. The included Super Tension Hold function offers relaxing play and can be gently tensioned at a high level to improve performance and ease of play.

This string is designed from natural elastic fibers that reduce comfort in an unmatched way. However, the string will stay cool when used under high tension without compromising comfort.

Shape: Round
Material: Polyester
Gauge: 16

Babolat VS Touch Tennis String


  • Includes a protective coating
  • User-friendly features
  • Comes with a natural gut
  • Gives an excellent performance and control


  • Doesn’t spin well
  • People complain of its performance

8. Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL

Research by our professional team has shown that this tennis string offers an excellent comfort and performance when compared to other string types in the market. The NRG2 SPL multifilament is robust and flexible.

 The function of Silicon Pyroxene Laborite (SPL) helps to withstand abrasion and to enhance the service life. It is suitable for players searching for a high performing, long lasting and relaxing tennis string. NRG2 is particularly suitable for players who want to enhance their depth and speed.

Shape: Round
Material: Multifilament
Gauge: 16, 17

Tecnifibre NRG2 SPL Tennis String


  • Higher performance
  • The Silicon Pyroxene Laborite  technology enhances durability
  • Very relaxing and has a smooth-feeling


  • The spin and control is not good
  • The string is not firm and keeps moving

9. Wilson Champions Choice Duo

Roger Federer is said to use this string during the game. It's an excellent tennis string and has an incredible balance between natural gut and the toughest polyester.

When you integrate these two crucial types, this string is one of the most solid and long lasting strips in the market. Its control and feel is amazing. All of these features make this kind of string the best and an excellent choice for experienced players who are ready to stand out in their game.

Shape: Round
Material: Polyester and Natural Gut
Gauge: 16

Wilson Champions Choice Duo Tennis String


  • It offers an excellent performance and control
  • The poly and gut features makes it excellent
  • Utilized by famous tennis players like Roger Federer


  • Its costly

10. Luxilon Alu Power

Nothing beats the Luxilon alu power string in regards to durability. It is one of the strongest and softest tennis strings available on the market, allowing users to play for a long time and produce exceptional performance. T

he string is designed from polyester material and is utilized by many tennis players to enhance their game. Beginners are advised not to buy any kind of string as it is a bit stiff and has a rough texture. The gauges accessible are of type 16 and 17.

It adequately keeps the tension for an extended period of play. Users never complain about the string’s tension forming ability. That is why this tennis string is famous among players.

Shape: Textured and Rough
Material: Polyester
Gauge: 16, 17

Luxilon Alu Power Tennis String


  • Fits professional players.
  • The string gives an excellent spin
  • Enables users to manage the ball successfully


  • A bit rough on the arms of players.
  • Doesn’t suit newbies

Various types of tennis strings

1. Synthetic gut

It's one of the most affordable tennis strings on the market. This kind of string is manufactured of nylon and a strong monofilament core that is covered by a single or more layers of smaller filaments.

Well, this design offers quality performance by integrating the maintenance of strong core tension and enhancing the touch and playability through the use of external wraps. The string power has been improving in quite a while, offering a real response and touch that players with different abilities will like.

2. The natural gut

If you want to improve your game and scare your competitors, this type of tennis string is your best bet. It offers players of all skills the most modern touch and tension grip. This kind of string is produced from strands of serous fibers and is costly and few people who are not on a budget can afford it. It is widely used by professional tennis players because it doesn’t react to water or weather changes.

The old string used to be fragile, but the latest covering and treatment has reduced the risk. Nevertheless, keep it well and out of the water or rain. There is no other string on the market that offers exceptional performance and tension retention than this natural gut.

3. Hybrid

Hybrid is as well the best type of string you can find on the market. It is usually manufactured from a combination of two kinds or strengths of strings in a similar racket. These types of strings have become famous due to the popularity of polyester based strings.

As these strings are strong, numerous gamers have combined them with synthetic or natural gut strings for more relaxing gaming while maintaining the polyethylene spin and durable function. Hybrid strings enable players to prolong the life of softer strings and manufacture a stronger string for quality play.

4. The Multifilament

It's one of the most popular strings on the market. Typically, this string is manufactured from nylon sheathe or interweave into a length of string consisting of a polyurethane binder. Multifilament strings are known to provide superior performance and relaxation than most strings accessible on the market, such as synthetic gut strings.

Players with elbow or elbow injuries can choose this kind of string. They look like natural gut, but are less expensive. With these strings, gamers are guaranteed incredible relaxation and performance.

5. Monofilament 

Monofilament has a unique design in which a one string or mixture of materials is pulled via a geometrically designed dye to create a rigid string. It is believed that this kind of string has a longer shelf life in contrast to synthetic gut or other commercially available strings. However, this type of string provides minimal performance and comfort.

 Polyester, one of the most popular monofilaments, is a little softer and more relaxing. The decreased elasticity of this type of tennis string needs quick and complete changes to increase its strength. This is the purpose why they are very preferred by both professional and inexperienced players. However, it is known that polyester ropes lose tension quicker than any type of rope.

6. Kevlar

The type of strings that you will be using for a long time due to their high quality design. They are made from strong, heat-resistant synthetic fibers for exceptional performance. They generally consist of the same reinforcing agent that is used by manufacturers of tires and other plastic items. This has made this string the most durable item on the market.

 Because these types of strings are built into synthetic gut, you get a strong and excellent string that offers perfect spin. But its stiffness isn't as good for some players as playing with it can put stress on the arm, which is not good for some players.

However, if you play with maximum force and regularly damage the strings, this type of string is best for you as it doesn't break easily. This therefore reduces the cost of purchasing string from time to time. Plus, you don't have to change your playing style for these strings.

7. The Multifilament

It's one of the most popular strings on the market. Typically, this string is manufactured from nylon sheathe or interweave into a length of string consisting of a polyurethane binder.

Multifilament strings are known to provide superior performance and relaxation than most strings accessible on the market, such as synthetic gut strings. Players with elbow or elbow injuries can choose this kind of string. They look like natural gut, but are less expensive. With these strings, gamers are guaranteed incredible relaxation and performance.

Process of restring your Tennis Racquet

Numerous individuals would like to re-string their racquets. This process of re-string is not difficult. If you follow a few steps you will be completing the process in no time. Here are a few steps to take to help

Equipment required to re-string

Numerous individuals would like to re-string their racquets. This process of re-string is not difficult. If you follow a few steps you will be completing the process in no time. Here are a few steps to take to help

Equipment required to re-string

To start with, here are some materials you need to restring your tennis racquet:

  • tennis string
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Tennis stringing machine

Buying Guide: Things to Consider while buying tennis Strings

The variety of tennis strings available in the market can sometimes make the selection to be overwhelming. But to prevent all the worries and stresses of searching for the best tennis string, here are some factors you need to consider to choose. Our buying guide highlights all that you have to consider to find the best product.

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When buying the right tennis string, always pay attention to the material. Many of the strings available in the market are generally made of high quality, durable materials. Choose a material that can withstand various climatic changes to avoid damage. Newer technologies have left some materials out of place and others clinging to their quality. Lately, many of the strings are made from various materials such as natural gut, nylon, and polyester. However, different materials exhibit different elasticity, durability, and ability. So choose a material that suits your style of play.


The design is a factor many people tend to assume. They always rush to look at the materials forgetting structure of the string. Various strings in the market each have its own structure. For instance, there is multifilament or monofilament. Multifilament's are strings with various filaments covered into a single string while monofilament is wrapped into a single filament. Robust core with an external core is one of the popular utilized nylon materials. Also, check the texture and composites when looking at the design. The design is different for each string. Therefore, choose the best.

String tension

However, this is one of the toughest decisions you will have to make. You need to remember that string tension plays a crucial role in your playing. The tension also determines how comfortable you will play. Extreme tension, however, always extends the service life and increases control over your devices. A string with reduced tension provides more feeling, increases performance and comfort. Players are always advised to opt for a lower tension string as this provides a lot of confidence to keep playing. As you proceed, now choose what you think is ideal based on your game.

Level of play

If you are a newbie and it is your first time playing, we recommend that you buy a string that does not require a lot of skill. However, there are many professional strings out there that are ideal for beginners. The durable synthetic strings are suitable for beginners.


One of the most important factors to consider as well. Always check if the string can cause an arm injury while playing. The last thing you want is to be injured while playing. Each string has a different performance. Some strings are soft while others are rough and can cause injury. However, if you do consider multifilament strings, they will reduce the stress on your elbow and help prevent injury.

String gauges

Always determine the gauge when buying a tennis string. Gauge means the thickness or thinness of a given string. Lots of people like the variety of gauges. Whenever you want to check the gauge of a particular string, always look for an L mark. This is usually indicated on a scale between 15 and 19. However, thinner strings usually achieve smooth and excellent playability and are easy to spin. While the thicker strings offer durability. Before checking the durability, check the comfort and ease of the game.

Frequency of Play

If you play regularly, there is a good chance that the string will lose its tension. However, if you play tennis for a job, you will be asked to buy an expensive string that can serve you for a long time. Buy good quality strings because they offer perfect play and you can often play them without fear. Similarly, many players will prefer to keep the more durable strings and provide excellent touch and play without spending a lot of money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much string is on a tennis racquet?

A. Well, that's a tough question. However, the number of strings required relies upon the size of the tennis racket head. Smaller head size racquets generally require 30 feet of string material, while larger head size racquets require 50 feet or more of string material. Tension also plays a crucial role in determining the number of strings. Although, good news, many brands of strings aren't that expensive. So it is important to buy more than you need.

Q. How do I store my tennis racquet so the strings do not get damaged?

A. You should avoid leaving your racket in the vehicle for long periods of time, and you should completely avoid storing your item in hot or cold locations as this can damage the strings. Avoid placing heavy loads on your tennis racket as it can break easily or stretch the strings too far. Make sure you put some tape in the place where you tied the knots. Well, these spots are prone to scratches when trying to get a low shot.

Q. How often should you replace the strings on your tennis racquet?

A. Well, that depends on a player's skill or level. Beginners don't need to change strings often unless the racket breaks. But once or twice a year isn't bad. Intermediate level players have to change their strings based on how many times they play in a week. For example, if they play twice a week, they can change their strings twice a year. Professional gamers know the benefits of a good tool. Hence, to improve their game and win, they need to update and change it more often.

Q. What string tension will be the easiest in my arms to help prevent injuries?

A. Again, this depends on a person and how they follow some basic principles. A lower string tension always acts gently on the elbow and when a tennis ball hits it.

Q: Do tennis strings loose tension?

A: Yes. They usually do. Beginners and advanced players should remember that tennis strings immediately lose their tension when placed on the racket. Approximately 15 pounds of tension is lost in 60 seconds.

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Our best pick

Our selection for the best tennis string is the  Solinco Hyper-G Heaven And Luxilon Alu Power. It is a type of string that is used by many professional players like Roger Federer as it offers exceptional performance, durability, control and a perfect spin. More importantly, it suits every player whether beginner or intermediate.  Even so, the different brands of tennis that we have reviewed are the best and offer top-notch play. Hence, you can always click on our Amazon links to buy the best tennis string you want. Plus, they are all affordable and anyone with a budget can buy them successfully.

Final Verdict

Tennis is one of the most important games currently. It has a lot of fans from across the world. To be a successful player, you need to have the right playing tools. One important tool is the Tennis strings. A tennis string plays an important role of enhancing your game play. It will determine how you will spin, control and hit the game.

Thus, the variety of strings available gives you a chance to pick the best and suitable string for use. Knowing the features, design and materials of each string will give a clear path of choosing the best string. Moreover, you should always remember that the strings you install in your racquet creates a big difference on how you play the game.

So basically, read through our best tennis string review and learn more about the various strings. Our guide always offers the best tools. Keep checking our website, we offer nothing but the best.

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