Top 10 Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners 2021

How well do you want to play tennis? In order for you to be the best tennis player on the planet, you need to have basic tennis equipment. There are many tennis equipment's in the market for you to choose from.

But one piece of equipment that shouldn't be missing from your long list should be a tennis racquet. Without it, you are going nowhere. This gear will determine and improve your playing style. There are variety of tennis racquets in the market, and if you are not well informed or guided, you will waste a lot of time, energy and money going through various websites, or stores trying to find the best.

However, to avoid all of these stresses, we have compiled a list of the 10 best tennis racquets for beginners. We've done enough research and testing, and any racquet you buy from this list is sure to give better performance. Now let’s look at each brand and model


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1. Head TI S6

2. Babolat Pure Drive 110

3. Head Microgel Instinct

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3(oversized)

5. Babolat Pure Aero Lite

6. Wilson Federer Racquet

7. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Racket

8. Wilson US Open Junior

9. HEAD Speed Kids

10. Wilson Burn 100

Top 10 Beginner Racquets - Reviewed

Down Below are nine of our picks for the best tennis racquets for beginners available today. All 10 racquets are considered adult tennis racquets. You can see the details, relative price (a 1-3 scale), and our recommended USTA rating level for rackets. We include a list of the pros and cons, including an image of the racket itself.

1.  Head TI S6

Head TI S6

One of the best and most affordable tennis racquet players should buy. It has outstanding features and is suitable to older teenagers and adults learning to play tennis.


This tennis racket is easy to transport and handle. It weighs 8.9oz ounces and has a titanium design which means you can easily control it from below and prevent tennis elbows. And thanks to the great frame and balanced head weight, you can generate enough power in your shots and also have a great sweet spot in case you lose the ball.

Any newbie will be impressed with the spin of this tennis racquet. All of this is possible thanks to the 16x19 string pattern. This pattern allows players to take big shots and get better spins for their shots as they continue to learn. The main strings in this item generally extend further from the handle. And when all of this is combined with the frame technology and comfortable head cushion grip, you get incredible feel and gameplay.

The Head TI S6 racquet suits many players and is worth every penny. For any beginner who has a passion for the game and wants to learn more, this tennis racket is the best. Its length is 27 ¾ inches, and beam is 28.5mm. Well, this makes easy to hold and play. The stiffness is 75, swing weight is 318, and string tension ranges between 57 to 66 pounds for quick play and control.

This racket is very well designed and has a composite composition of graphite and titanium. Well, this increases the durability and longevity of the tool. The size of the head is 115 square inches which will help a novice not to miss any shots while playing. This racket has a wide, straight beam body with a slow to moderate swing speed.


  • Its portable and easy to carry, therefore avoids tennis elbow and harm
  • Provides excellent power from the baseline
  • Large frame for easy play
  • Affordable 


  • Heavy and hard to move on the net
  • It doesn’t suit professional players 

2. Babolat Pure Drive 110


Babolat is known worldwide for making some of the best tennis rackets on the market. Among the top rated and most widely used tennis rackets is the Babolat pure Drive 110. This racket offers incredible performance and is best for adult tennis players.

It's One of the best tennis rackets for women to play tennis.


This tennis racquet is portable and simple to move around the net. With its 110sq. inch extensive head, you can easily achieve a larger sweet spot. This wide frame also assists with power generation. Its power level is between that of medium and high level. The spin provided by this tennis racquet is excellent and this is due to the fact of the 16 mains * 19 crosses string pattern which is also well organized.

The general color of this tennis racket is blue and it has a graphite composition. Well, this contributes to the increase in stability and low density, which leads to a significant reduction in weight. The swing weight of this device is 298, its stiffness is 70, and the tension drops between 50 and 59 pounds for ease of play and control on the court.

The balance is 13.37 inches and the beam width is in the range of 24mm / 26.5mm / 23.5mm. Therefore, every beginner will enjoy using this racket and it will deliver perfect shots. This device has a Babolat Sntec Lite handle for easy gripping and playing and weighs 9.5 ounces.


  • Great power and strength for basic shots
  • Offers simple controls
  • Large sweet spot
  • Best for learning how to spin
  • Fits any intermediate players


  • Its costly
  • Doesn’t suit high level intermediate players

3. Head Microgel Instinct


Head Microgel Instant is a multipurpose tennis racket used by players of various skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or intermediary player, this tennis racket can perform better. Famous track and field athletes are known to use this tennis racquet due to its amazing performance and also relatively affordable.


Beginners can make incredible use of this brand as it has a 100-inch head size that gives you great power while playing. Similarly, the tight string pattern improves the level of control for beginners and the weightlessness of this racquet increases strength and speeds up the game. For professional players with a great combination of hands and eyes, they can always choose this racket. It allows them to accurately place and manage their shots.

The length of this racket is 27 inches, the weight is 10.4 ounces, and the swing style is L3, which helps the player to easily handle the racket and play it comfortably with no problem. Gamers usually benefit the most from this device in terms of performance. It's built into MicroGel ™ technology, which is vital when the ball hits the racquet. MicroGel ™ distributes the impact load on the frame, creating the most solid feel and touch ever achieved in the game.


  • It offers great control
  • An amazing transition racquet that begins from the center
  • Great mobility for double 


  • Insufficient power compared to other beginner racquets
  • It’s a bit heavier for starters 

4. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 (oversized)

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

This is one of the best tennis racquet for those players who are looking for balance, control and high performance. It comes with incredible features and any newbie will find it amazing.


Thanks to its light weight (9.8 ounces) and its narrower 18 x 20 string pattern, the user can greatly enjoy the game and the perfect shots. It is also large has a head size of 110 inches and this helps players not miss a shot on the field. While not recommended for professionals and advanced users, it works well for beginners as it can offer an amazing transition to the next level.

With a length of 27.5 inches, a balance of 14.8 inches, a swing weight of 301 and a width of 28mm / 25mm / 25mm, users can easily play using this racket. They can grab it comfortably and deliver perfect shots that have never been experienced before. Its stiffness is 70 and comes with a medium swing speed for an incredible game on the court. It's made from 15% hyper carbon and 85% graphite for increased durability and gameplay.

You can read here Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Review In-depth.


  • Suits intermediate gamers
  • Provides great mobility
  • The tight string pattern increases control and feel


  • The power is not that sufficient

5. Babolat Pure Aero Lite


Babolat never disappoints. It manufactures tools that deliver exceptional performance, and the Babolat Pure Aero Lite is no exception. It is an incredible tennis racket for beginners as it offers superior spin and control. In addition, the installed technologies and features provide excellent playability. Some of the features are listed below.


This tennis racket is easy to use and light compared to other brands on the market. It only weighs 10.1 ounces, which makes it easy to use. In addition, it is a perfect product for beginners looking for a product that will help them to transit from beginner to advanced tennis player as it has a perfect swing weight of 311, stiffness of 68, a graphite composition, a medium-high swing speed, head size of 100 in² / 645.16 cm², and lastly length of 27 inches.

This racquet also features a 16-cross x 19 primary string pattern with elongated grommets and FSI spin technology for greater spinning, balance of power and control. Its wide range of color choices (Black/Yellow) allows customers to easily select their preferred color to suit their needs. The string tension of this tennis racquet is between 50 to 59 pounds and strung weight is 10.1ozz for easy handling of this racquet and increased performance.


  • Perfect spin and control of the ball
  • Improves player’s performance
  • Incredible sweet spot for feel and shot


  • The frame is small and can’t work well for a beginner
  • It's costly

6. Wilson Federer


For any player just starting out on tennis and on a budget, this tennis racket is the best option. It's affordable and worth every penny. Some of the features that you get in this tennis racket are listed below:


It has a large frame to create a sweet spot and not miss any shots in the court. It's a little heavier as it weighs 11.5 ounces. However, this is not a problem for players who only want to play once or twice a week. And for its cheap price, this racquet gives players a chance to play tennis without spending a lot of money.

It features an extra racket length for easier and greater reach, volcanic frame technology for increased stability and a head- light balance is sure to create perfect attacks. It is made of aluminum, which increases durability and grip. And comes in red and black so you can choose the best color that suits your needs.


  • Its affordable
  • It offers great energy
  • It’s a quality racquet
  • Great performance


  • It’s not that suitable for a serious player
  • It’s a bit a heavier for a newbie

7. Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Racket

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Racket

Wilson never disappoints either. They make great products and one item that tops on the list is the Wilson Tour Slam Adult String Racket. While not designed for serious or professional players, it offers great performance, especially for beginners looking for a strong racket. It provides the right combination of performance and control.


The technology installed in this device is remarkable and solid. Well, this helps users make great, powerful and stable shots. This device suits beginners looking for a racquet to use. It has the ability to strengthen your shots and precisely control the ball. The head of this tennis racket is firmly tied for maximum use of strength.

The technology installed in this device is remarkable and solid. Well, this helps users make great, powerful and stable shots. This device suits beginners looking for a racquet to use. It has the ability to strengthen your shots and precisely control the ball. The head of this tennis racket is firmly tied for maximum use of strength.

The length and weight of this tennis racket are interesting. Since the length is 27.5 inches, users can generate enough force when hitting the ball. Also, the length allows players to stretch, and shoot better. It's also integrated with 112 square inches. Well that's big enough to offer comfort and strength. Beginners can use this device comfortably and generate enough power, perfect spin and excellent boost for their level.

The headlight balance is another interesting features found in this device. Do you want to know how useful it is? Well, this supports the development in the edge that is heavier. This means that the bulky frame receives more movement. The shot shock pad decreases vibrations and increase comfort.

This brand also has a free string pattern, giving players more power and spin every time they hit the ball. In addition, it offers a larger string spacing with minimal intersection points. This allows the ball to ricochet with greater force. The string is usually 16 x 19

Last but not least, this brand has an extensive sweet spot. With this, you can make powerful strikes without any misses. Newbie enjoy using this racquet as it provides more power and accurate shots.


  • It has a solid and sturdy construction
  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Its portable and affordable
  • It has large head
  • Great for newbies, and recreational players etc.


  •  It tends to affect a player's style of play.
  •  Not suitable for players with short hands and professionals.
  • Reported cases of pounding with minimal effort at times

8. Wilson US Open Junior

Wilson US Open Junior tennis racquet

As I said earlier, Wilson never disappoints with its products. And when it comes to this device, you will get numerous features integrated into this product that are sure to improve your game and offer exceptional performance.


There are always three sizes of this particular model on the market, each 21, 23 and 25 inches. And the 21-inch racket measures 92 square inches most of the time, while the 23-inch rackets measure 95 square inches, and finally the 25-inch racket measures 106 square inches. The general rule of thumb that many people should know, a tennis racquet with a larger head offers remarkable power. Most importantly, the longer the racquet, the more forgiveness it will reach you. It is therefore up to the customer to determine what he wants.

Next, this tennis racket is made of aluminum, which means it is sturdy and has a long lifespan. This also makes it more affordable for gamers looking for something they can afford. Although it offers minimal feel and strength, you will still enjoy this tennis racket to your satisfaction.

All three models have a handle size of 3½ inches. Although it is smaller than the previous range, you will be able to use these models without much problem.


  • It’s available in version 3
  • Suitable for juniors
  • Offers users a solid grasp
  • The Aluminum provides feel and durability.
  • Light to cunning.


  • Its white grasp gets dirt faster
  • The cover is not there

9. HEAD Speed Kids

HEAD Speed Kids tennis racquet

Another excellent tennis racquet found in our long list of products. The performance it offers cannot be matched to any other item in the market. The list of features you will get in this product include


Another excellent tennis racquet found in our long list of products. The performance it offers cannot be matched to any other item in the market. The list of features you will get in this product include

Beginners can use this tennis racket comfortably as it offers ideal movement and control. Once the main light turns on, you can quickly swing the racket in the air, making it easy to maneuver as you wish. In addition, you will enjoy the vibration absorption function more.

The head has an incredible weight that increases stability and balance when striking the ball. Similarly, when the ball becomes 23 inches long, the length of the ball provides conductivity. The head size is usually large and measures around 30 cm. This allows you to comfortably enjoy forgiving sweet spots in order to hit the ball effectively.

Teens can comfortably use this racquet in the field as its portable (Usually weighs 8 oz.), and it has a 3 5/8 inch relaxing grip. The speed aluminum o-beam is made to increase durability and long-term use of the product.


  • Simple to moves and control
  • Provides greater stability
  • Fits kids and teens
  • Vibration resistance


  • It misses the cover

10. Wilson Burn 100

Wilson Burn 100

Last but not least, another Wilson brand that comes with variety of incredible features and top performance. It perfectly suits any newbie looking for a great tennis racquet. The performance you will get from this model is outstanding and cannot compared to any other model.


This model is portable and offers incredible power, control and movement. This makes it an easy option for any beginner looking for a quality racket. It comes with a 16x19 string pattern and it is easy to get a guide on how to restring the product. Most of the racket is pre-tensioned.

The model utilizes spin effect innovation to maximize the ball rpm without having the necessity of changing the swing to increase your spin. The parallel drilling enables an increased string bed response.

As one of the most valued tennis rackets on the market, its performance is exceptional. The combination of incredible carbon and improved frame stiffness increases performance of the racquet. Beginners like this racket for its amazing aggressiveness, large head with a strong string bed and X2 shaft. In addition, customers can choose from a variety of grip sizes to improve overall feel and comfort.


  • Easy to use and more comfortable
  • The X2 shaft gives a narrow, longer, and rounded handle
  • Offers incredible Groundstrokes
  • Easy to carry and convenient.
  • Oversized head with pre-thread and multifilament cord for comfortable hand comfort


  • The frame is a bit noisy
  • Lacks enough power sometimes

What to Consider Before Choosing tennis racquets for beginners

There are many factors a beginner should take into consideration before buying any tennis racquet. Here are some:

  • Who will be using the racquet? A kid or an adult?
  • Are you intending to be a recreational player or a professional player?
  • What is your budget?
  • Will you need assistance to create power for your strikes?

These are the many questions to ask yourself first before buying a racquet. And no matter how you answer them, you will be able to find a tennis racquet that will suit your needs.

Specification of tennis racquet for beginners(Features)

Now that you've reviewed the factors, it is the time to look at the features you will need to consider before buying a tennis racquet. The market has a wide variety of tennis racquets, each with their own characteristics and specifications. Therefore, in order to choose the best tennis racket, here are a few properties you should consider.

Racquet Head Size

Professional tennis players like Roger Federer always use a small tennis racket when playing tennis. And that due to the fact that they are well trained, they know how to control the shots and generate their power.

However, it is always recommended for beginners to buy a tennis racket with an elongated racket head that will allow more tolerance in their strokes and provide a great area to make contact. Keep in mind that tennis racquets are typically between 95 square inches and 100 square inches. Any racquet you choose from this range creates a perfect balance between control and power.


Balance is one of the most important things in tennis. This tends to affect the swing weight of your tennis racket. And when the point of equilibrium reaches the center of the frame, this means the rackets are evenly balanced. However, when most of the weight is in the middle, they are known as head-lights. If most of the weight is on the head, it means that the racquet is head- heavy.

If you're using a heavy head racket, you will be assured that you will get more power and stability to a lighter frame, but with less movement. So, there are compromises the moment you hit the tennis ball. Head-light rackets are known to improve maneuverability and are found on heavier rackets.

Numerous advanced tennis players always use head light racquets. They want a racket that is faster, simple and has enough power for rallies, unexpected bounces, and playing close to the net. So this is a good reason to choose a headlight racquet for newbies.

Racquet Weight

Weight is another important factor to consider when purchasing a beginner tennis racket. Each racket usually has its own weight and varies by brand. The lighter the tennis racket, the less stable and agile it is. This is great for teenagers and beginners. But the heavier the tennis racket, the greater the stability.

Grip Sizes

When it comes to grip sizes, every brand and model has their own. More often you will see a lot of options from 4 ⅕ to 4 ⅝. Usually this number is on the bottom of the club. Other rackets have number listed between 1 and 5 instead of the fraction. Many tennis players use one with 4⅜ or 3. However, for players with small hands they can always choose one with 4¼ or 2. Big hands can choose 4½ or 4.

String and Tension

While it doesn't have a huge impact, it is recommended that you choose a tennis string that is cheap and recommended by the manufacturers. Most of the time it is stated on the frame and of course gives a range of 10 pounds, say 50 to 60 pounds. In this situation, choose the medium one (55 pounds).

It’s a fact that loose strings tend to offer a lot of power and an extensive sweet spot. Loose is as well important as it avoid tennis injuries and elbows because you don’t have to swing as hard. Choosing the best tennis elbow pads may as well avoid injuries. Tighter strings offer a lot of control but little sweet spot and minimal feel.

String Pattern

This mostly refers to the number of primary or vertical and crossed strings. A racket with a minimum of mains and crosses will have an open string pattern, such as 18x20. An open string pattern is known to improve performance and spin, while a closed string pattern generally provides more control.

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner Adults

Adults always want to train with something big. Because of this, they always chose oversized rackets. Well, this usually implies a racquet with a larger head than the usual rackets. Most oversized racquets are 100 square inches and more than 27 inches long. This allows users to have a larger playing area on the strings, which allows a sufficient margin of error. You don't have to hit the center all the time, so the bat is much more forgiving.

It's easier to tell if your racket is too big by checking the specs. Many of them are named OS, which means oversized. MP stands for Midplus and is the standard size for professional gamers. Another reason oversized racquets are good for beginners is because they offer great performance. As you learn how to play tennis, keep your swing moderate and under control. A large racket gives the player enough power to get the ball back over the net.

Best Tennis Racquet for Female Beginner

Many tennis players always need a racket that offers a lot of power and control. Hence, for those who are starting to play tennis, should look for a strong racket. More often, they are asked to choose between 110 and 115 square inches with a slightly thick frame.

Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner to Intermediate Players

Those who wish to pursue tennis as a career and as a professional, are asked to choose a racquet that offers greater improvement. They will want to buy something more forgiving, and has a large sweet spot. But as they advance, they will want something an intermediate player is required to have. If its adults, they are encouraged to buy something that offers great control and maneuverability.

As the sport progresses, the ball will be coming faster, thus they will need something heavier. A 100 to 105 sq. inches’ racket and 27 to 27.5 inches will be the most suitable one. It will assist get incredible spin, control and power.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Why Beginner Tennis Racquets Are Not Always a Good Idea?

For someone who is serious about tennis and wants to progress, learning with a beginner racket is not a good idea. This gives you bad ideas as these devices don't seem to be getting the right hits. Likewise, they do not seem to offer adequate methods for getting solid backhand and forehand shots. Hence, for someone who wants to be more competitive, one has to start with the right equipment. It may be difficult to swing, hit the sweet spot, or generate quick power at first, but with deep training you will understand and be competitive.

What Specification of Racquet Should Beginners Use?

For beginners, it is recommended to choose a tennis racket, the characteristics of which are intermediate between those of professionals and those of beginners. As seen in many professional games, a variety of professional tennis players use rackets that measure between 93 and 100 square inches, are easily balanced, and weigh between 300g and 360g without strings. However, do not copy and buy a racquet with these characteristics, but select tweeter racquets. Tweeter frames come with specifications that are more geared towards beginner racquets.

Hence for a starter, I will recommend that he/she choose the following specifications:


For men, they need to choose one between 280 to 320g without strings, 5 to 12 point headlights, one with 16 * 9 string pattern, 98-100 square head size. Finally, for rigidity, it should be your choice.


For ladies, they will need to by one between 270 and 310g for a racket without strings, a 16×19 string pattern, a 3 to 8 points headlight, a 98 to 105 square inches’ head size. Stiffness also depends on one’s choice.

What Do the Different Specs Mean?

Head Size

This is the size of the hoop of the racquet. It's usually in square inches or centimeters. More often, a large head size is good as it provides more contact service and improves your margin for mistakes as the string bed gets bigger. This implies that it is a lot more stable and steady on off-center strikes.


This refers to the static weight of the racquet on a weighing machine. Most of the time, local retailers note the weight as the strung weight. Well, this when it comes with strings, and manufactures offer the unstrung. One without strings.


The balance is usually represented as head light (HL), head heavy (HH) or equal balance (EB). This usually shows the weight distribution on the racket. These numbers are mainly given in a point based method like 4 PTS HL or in mm or cm, p. E.g. 31.2 cm scales.

Swing weight

This is usually determined by the weight of a tennis racket and how it feels when you move it. This metric is especially beneficial for beginners as it helps them compare multiple racquets before making purchases. It is given as a decimal number, e.g. 343.


This is commonly noted as RA and refers to the number of flexes a tennis racket has. It is written by a numeric value, e.g. 67. If the racket is stiffer, it will generate more force or energy for the ball, while a frame with greater flexion will result in minimal force and then too much control for the user.

String Pattern

If you are worried what this is, this refers to the number of main, vertical and cross strings. Usually, there are two; open string and closed string pattern. Open string pattern is 16×19, while closed string pattern is 18×20. Open offers incredible power and spin while closed offer greater control.

Does String Matter For Beginners?

No, it doesn’t matter at all. A beginner can just start with any sting pattern and as he/she progresses, he can choose what kind of string pattern to use.

What weight racquet should I get?

If you are a beginner, we recommend buying a light or medium racket. One that weighs 11 ounces or less is better. And with a head heavy balance. And for advanced players, stick with medium or heavy clubs. Probably one weighing 11 ounces or more with a headlight.

Final Words

Our best tennis racquets for beginners review is detailed and easy to understand. If you keenly read, you will be able to find a tennis racquet that offers excellent services and improves your game. We have done enough research on these top 10 tennis racquets for beginners;

Therefore, you are guaranteed that any equipment you choose from our long list of products, will offer excellent services and performance. Just click on the link of any product and proceed to buy. 

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