Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets in 2021 (Updated)

Tennis Rackets is the main equipment in tennis game. If you have the Best Tennis Rackets you will get some extra benefit at Tennis. A perfect Tennis Rackets is really important in Tennis.

Tennis is one of the fascinating games which originate back to Ancient Greece. But from the 12th century, this advanced sport originates from a French game which is called "Paume." In which players strike the ball with hands. And for this purpose tennis rackets were invented. 

The first prototype was invented in 1583. Strings of the first tennis racket were made up of Gut, and rackets were made up of wood. Tennis rackets are used to strike or hit the shuttlecock or ball in different games.  So in this article we are going to show you a complete review about best tennis rackets on the market.

Purpose & Uses of Tennis racket

These rackets are used in sports, which are basically consisting of an open hoop which has a strong strings network or catgut (animal intestine) which is stretched tightly. All the rackets were stiff enough to strike the shuttlecock or ball easily and also strong enough to hold. Here lots of games are mentioned in which rackets are used most commonly are listed below:

  • Badminton 
  • Pickleball 
  • Miniten
  • Racquetball 
  • Beach tennis 
  • Real tennis 
  • Soft tennis 
  • Ball badminton 
  • Tennis polo
  • Table tennis 
  • Squash tennis 
  • Platform tennis 
  • Qianball

In all these famous games, different types of rackets are being used. These best tennis rackets have different designs, different colors, or different brands at different prices. But, with time, the material of rackets changed like wooden rackets and non-wooden rackets. Non-wooden rackets were made up of steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. Wooden rackets are still used. And now, at this time, most of the rackets are made of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or metals like ceramics or titanium alloys. There are different types of tennis rackets in markets some of them I’m going to discuss here in detail.

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets

  1. Babolat pure strike tennis racket 
  2. Wilson blade 98 tennis racket 
  3. Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket
  4. Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket 
  5. Babolat pure aero racquet 
  6. Head graphene 360 radical racket 
  7. Wilson clash 100 racket 
  8. Head gravity pro 
  9. Yonex EZONE 98 
  10. Wilson Burn 100S

After 20+ hour researched about Best Tennis Rackets ( Our winner Tennis Racket)

Wilson blade 98 tennis racket
  • Wilson provides a very smooth feel.
  • For groundstroke's, it offers great plow.
  • It is such an incredible racket which is for hitting volleys
  • Good for players with joint pains. 
  • It provides very smooth control.
  • It is a great racket for coming on the net.

Best Tennis Rackets reviewed & Analyzed

1. Babolat pure strike racket

Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racket

One of the most popular and well known pure strike rackets by Babolat. This tennis racket has very easy access to spin with its string pattern of 16*19. Its frame is new with C2 pure feel technology. If we talk about its net, then its reaction time is very quick, and the frame's stability allows any team to punch volleys back with full confidence. Babolat pure strike provides effortless swings and power levels. 

There is a wide range of Babolat rackets in markets with different styles, features, or designs. Babolat's is one of the top best tennis rackets that are very famous due to their perfect sizes or functions. The Babolat pure strike head size is 98 squints.  Due to its head size, it works more precisely. 

The weight of this pure strike is very light. The strung weight of this racket is 11.3oz / 320.35 gm. Due to the lightweight, it is very easy for a player to hit the ball or shuttlecock. 

The length of the racket is 27in. Due to the length of this racket, it is very easy to hold, and the grip is very firm. Just because of the tight and firm grip, one can play easily. 

There is a saying or principle that the high tension gives more control, and low tension gives more power. String tension range of Babolat pure strike is 22-26 kg / 50-59 lb. 

It has a free stringing feature. It doesn't come with any Babolat pure strike logo. A frame of this racket comes with high quality strung with 16 gauge synthetic gut within almost all available colors.  


  • It offers a great and huge deal of stability and control.
  • This is the excellent racket for return shots hits.
  • It provides ideal spins and plenty of power.
  • It has great accuracy.
  • It has the feature of easy swing.


  • It is not much powerful as compared to other rackets of Babolat.
  • The quality of the string must be improved.
  • A bit expensive.

2. Wilson blade 98 tennis racket

Wilson blade 98 tennis racket

This tennis racket is designed for the higher level or aggressive level players. And they can generate more power by playing with this racket. The weight of the racket is very light, and it is also very easy to hold without using too much power. In it, all the features are present what a player wants or need. We have a depth review about Wilson Tennis Rackets you can check it out to know more about it.

There are more varieties of these best tennis rackets by Wilson blade that I will discuss in my next article. But Wilson blade 98 is very famous among all players. Either it is not a heavy racket, but it is enough heavy that can keep mindful of swings. It is equipped with amplifier technology. This keeps the minimum vibrations level so that with the help of these players can feel comfortable and hit the ball easily. Wilson also made a lot of effort to improve off-center responses.

 The string pattern of this racket is 18*20, and this is also known as a closed pattern. Wilson's rackets are very best for the players who are facing joint pain or tennis elbow. It is one of the best racket that one can used for playing game.

The weight of anything is an important factor, and it matters a lot. The weight of this best tennis racket is about 11.3oz or 320 gm. It is lightweight, but if it is heavy, then it would not be easy for players to play well. Or also not possible to strike the tennis ball or shuttlecock. 

It comes in different colors. Most of the players are choosy about colors. So, it has a wide range of colors which are available in markets.  Colors which are available are mentioned below:  

  • Black color
  • Green string 
  • Natural string
  • Silver string
  • White string

All colors are very attractive and appealing to everyone. 

Wilson's rackets are very famous among players. They are very famous because of their perfect size or perfect features. The head size of this racket is 98 sq. Inches. Due to its ideal head size, it is easy to hit the tennis ball. 

The length of this tennis racket is about 27 inches. It is ideal for almost every best tennis racket. Due to the length, it is easy for the player to handle the grip or very easy to hold. And players can easily play well and never miss a shot due to the perfect or firm grip.

The composition of this Wilson blade 98 tennis racket is braided Graphite and basalt. The composition of this tennis racket is very good, and due to its perfect composition, it is very flexible. The composition or color, designs vary almost year to year, and new advancements applied in it.

The balance point of rackets is located with the shaft of the rackets. It is basically the point where a player can easily balance the whole racket with the finger. Every racket has its own balance point. The balance point of this Wilson blade 98 tennis racket is 13.1 in/33.27 cm/ 3 pts HL. 


  • Wilson provides a very smooth feel.
  • For groundstroke's, it offers great plow.
  • It is such an incredible racket which is for hitting volleys.
  • Good for players with joint pains. 
  • It provides very smooth control.
  • It is a great racket for coming on the net.


  • It is expensive.
  • Requires to generate own powers.
  • The string pattern offers very limited or low spins. 

3. Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket

Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket

In the list of tennis rackets, this is one of the most adorable rackets. One of the most incredible maneuverable new members of the V-feel series. The headlight balance of this racket keeps these tennis rackets fast and stable. Its 100 sq inches headlight always ensures that the player remains firmly in control. Either he is swinging from baseline or running to the net. 

One of the new features of this racket is revolutionary EVA technology, and this has more resilience of about 35%. This tennis racket is very good and beneficial for either the beginner or the intermediate player. This minimizes the effort of the player and increases the strengths. This is perfect for the player who loves spinning. 

Another advantage of this racquet is that it is well balanced, which means that the head speed is so far so that one can easily able to get the ball up and down even before baseline with ease. This is a good fit for many ability levels and styles of games. 


The composition of this racket is basically constituents of something which is made of. These type of tennis rackets are basically composed of Graphite. Graphite is the lightweight material that is derived from carbon and also used in most of the rackets. The frames of rackets are made up of a composition of Graphite or even full Graphite. 

Weight and head size: 

The head size of any racquet is the racquet head, where the strings create the face. A good head size typically ranges from 85-135 sq inches. And the head size of this Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket is 100 sq inches. The next thing is its weight. The weights of racquets are basically broken down into different categories like midweight, super light, or heavy. And all these range between 9 to 11. The weight of this tennis racket is 260 gm. 


This Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket comes in different and adorable colors in markets. Available colors are blue, green, yellow, black, white, natural, and any more. One can easily order these from online stores according to their need or favorite color.

Tension range: 

There are different string tensions in different rackets. All rackets don't have the same weight or same string tensions. The stringing tension of this tennis racket is between 50 – 60 lbs. Which is ideal and good. 

String pattern: 

The string pattern is basically the number of up and down (main) and side to side (cross) strings. The string pattern of this Volkl V-feel 5 tennis racket is 16 mains and 18 crosses. 


  • Very lightweight. 
  • Best for spinning.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Made of Graphite.
  • Have new and advanced features.


  •  The price is higher.
  • It is mostly just famous for spinning. 
  • Quality must be more improved. 
  • Colors sometimes not available. 

4. Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket

Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket

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 Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket is a very good choice for players.  Players who are at an advanced level or intermediate level this rackets are excellent for them. So, they can do more practice to become a professional. This tennis racket is equipped with all-new kind of technologies and new features. 

This is the bit heaviest racket in the family of TFight. It provides intermediate or experienced players' ability to strike the ball with full power through the court. It is very graceful with an 18*19 string pattern and provides all accuracy and precision with full swings. There is a signature technology also used, which is called XTC means (Xtreme Touch Construction), and its strategic parts are deployed and boost with flexible touch and stability. 

The string installation is very easy because it comes with Armor Cap+ (bumper guard) and also with Tecnifibre's EZ lock+ and tie off grommets. It is not much spin-friendly, just like other models by this family. The response of the string bed is very accurate, and it is enough to attack the ball on the exact target.


 There are lots of features of this Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket which are mentioned below in detail: 

  • Swing weight 
  • Strung weight
  • Unstrung weight
  • Racket colors
  • String pattern 
  • Head size 

Swing weight: 

The swing weight of any rackets varies with the racket to racket. And it depends on strings placements. The swing weight of the Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket is 326 gm. This is good and bearable. 

Strung weight: 

Strung weight is the weight of rackets in grams, which also includes strings weight in it. The strung weight of this best tennis racket is 337g / 11.9oz. Strung weight plays an important role in playing racket and other games.

Unstrung weight: 

This unstrung weight is just the weights of the racket, which is prior to stringing. As it is the rule that bigger the size of the head size is bigger, the racquet is lighter. The unstrung weight of the Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racket is 320 gm/ 11.03 oz. 

Racket colors: 

This feature is a good essential for all color lovers. Everyone have different choice so there are some colors a player can choose at his/her choice.These tennis racquets are also for intermediate players who play with rackets, and the colors impact them or also impacts on their mood. So, with the help of colors, they can play better. The colors which are available for these tennis rackets are: black, red, blue, white. 

String pattern: 

String patterns are the patterns of string horizontally or vertically. Or in other words, it can be said that up to down and side to side quantity of strings attached to rackets is called its string pattern. Hence, the string pattern of this Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC tennis racketis18 mains or 19 crosses. 

Head size:

The head size of Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC is 98 sq inches.  Or, if we talk about in centimeters, then it is 632 sq. Cm. 


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  •  It has a comfortable response.
  • Another advantage of  Tecnifibre TFight 320 XTC  is Arm friendly.
  • Very lightweight. 
  • It has excellent control. 



  • It is not spin-friendly.
  • Not suggested for beginners. 
  • It only generates topspin and power.

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5.  Babolat pure aero racquet

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Babolat pure aero racquet is that kind of tennis rackets that are specially designed to or made to increase the speed, power, and spins. This is also called Aero Pro in simple words. This is one of the most popular and famous racquets among players. It is used by famous players like Rafael Nadal, 

Catherine Bellis, and Johanna Konta, etc.  Due to its strung weight, this racket is not best for intermediate players but also appeals to the advanced players who are looking for some sort of speedy racket or weapon. In this, there a new advanced feature that there is a wider space between crosses, and this increases the ball bite. Babolat enlarges the grommet holes, which allows us to absorb more vibrations and also snap the ball out of string bed with extra RPMs. 

Babolat rackets are lighter than the other traditional player's rackets due to its swing weight. The overall look of this tennis racket is very beautiful and appealing, with impressive stability and original and genuine knock out power. 


There are lots of features of this Babolat pure aero racquets listed here: 

  • Composition 
  • Spin technology
  • Swing weight 
  • Construction
  • Balance point 
  • String pattern 
  • Head size 


The composition of Babolat pure aero racquets is Graphite. Material that is used in this racket is Graphite due to its lightweight ability. It keeps the racket lighter than other ones. 


Just like the composition of racket construction also matters a lot. The construction of Babolat pure aero racquets is 23mm/ 26mm/ 23mm. 

Spin technology: 

Babolat pure aero racquets are specially built with new FSI spin technology. The benefit of this technology is that there are more open string patterns that allow more string movement and also generate more spin power due to oblong grommets at 6 and 12 o'clock. 

Swing weight: 

Swing weight is basically subjective measures that how much rackets feel like it weighs while in motion or also can guess easily when one is taking a swing at the ball. 327 kg. Cm square. 

Balance point: 

The point where the racket can easily be balanced is known as a balance point. The balance point of Babolat pure aero racquets is 13in/ 33.02 cm/ 4 pts HL. 

String pattern: 

The string pattern of this Babolat pure aero tennis racquets is 16*19. There are 16 mains and 19 crosses. And string tension is 50-59 pounds. 

Head size: 

The head size of this racket is 100 sq. in. / 645.16 sq. cm. It is a bit wider, so it is easy to grip it and hit the ball or shuttlecock. 

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  • The power level of this racket is full.
  • Has fast swinging speed.
  • Available in yellow or black colors. 
  • Very easy to hold and lightweight.
  • The new spin technology is used in it.  


  • There are just two limited colors available.
  • Not for pro-level players. 
  • It is not cheap. 
  • More features must be added. 


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6. Head graphene 360 radical racket

Head graphene 360 radical racket

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All advanced players want something which is full of authority and features. So, for those choosy rackets lovers, this Head graphene 360 radical rackets is just blast. For improved stability and higher powerhead strategically added Graphene 360 to shaft and head. 

This is the new version, and this new version uses less vibration dampening kraibon as compare to the previous model. It allows connected feel, which is better than other ones and absorbs vibrations. It has a dynamic string pattern that adjusts the string space across the string bed for more control and power. Head size has ditched the traditional grip on radical in favor of adopting handle shape. According to the play testers, the full cuts finds out the marks with ease.

 Moreover, there is more spin potential available, which exploits the full range of trajectories and angles. This racket is not just quick and fast but also provides clean mechanics with volleys. Head graphene 360 rackets are used by players like Taylor Fritz, Diego Schwartzman, and Sloane Stephens. 


There are many features of this famous tennis racket which are mentioned here: 

  • Ground strokes  
  • Colors 
  • Volleys and serves 
  • Feel/comfort
  • Composition 
  • String pattern 

Ground strokes: 


This radical pro 360 provides plenties of artillery off the ground. Weight of this Head Graphene 360 tennis racket is light due to its 11.5 strung weight. Players are easily able to hit the ample and depth off of the wings. Slightly firmer RA and beam, which is 20/23/21 mm, produced the power easily. The racket is headlight for players to add necessary head speed or extra spin. 


This Head Graphene 360 radical racket comes in just two different colors gray and orange.  At this time, there is no wider range of colors. 

String pattern: 

This Head Graphene 360 radical racket has a dynamic string pattern with 16 mains and 19 crosses. And this condenses the center's main string for the purpose of adding more and firm control. 

Volley and serves: 

This Head Graphene 360 rewarded aggressive play. Head's racket has the power to do quick work for any ball attack. The frames of this well know rackets are very maneuverable and consistently able to get in the right position. Volley is basically the perfect strike, and this racket has the ability to perfect volley. Head Graphene 360 also rewarded aggressive serving. Players find easy to accelerate and rewards big and large swings with pace and court penetration. 

Feel/ comfort: 

This version is more responsive than the previous one. Unique Kraibon dampening material soaks all the vibrations on the string bed. And this led to a lack of confidence while shot-making. But, overall, this tennis racket is comfortable in handling it while playing. 


The composition of this racket is Graphene 360 and Graphite. With low- medium power level, medium-fastest swing speed, and medium-full stroke style. 

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  • Have comfortable strings.
  • Productive and lightweight.
  • In it, Graphene360 composition is used. 
  • Has improved power and spin.  



  • Some uncertainty while playing.
  • There is a need to raise the trajectory to define a good rotation.
  • Lacks feels on the certain shots. 


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7.  Wilson clash 100 racket

Wilson clash 100 racket

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Wilson clash 100 is a flexible racket. It has all exclusive features like speed, great feel, and easy spins. Another one of the most advanced racket by Wilson's family. These rackets are very best for the intermediate player who wants extra-effortless ultra acceleration. It has one of the lowest and arms friendly points in the market. Also has better pocket control and touch than modern rackets.

 There are two innovative technologies are used in it, which are: Free Flex and Stable Smart. With these two technologies, it provides different facilities and benefits of flexibility without lower down the craving of modern players. Fully provides the blend of speed and comfort. Wilson has a very impressive speed on the net where one can play a huge reaction valley. It doesn't provide mass-based pop-up and stability of traditionally player's rackets. 


There are massive features of this tennis racket some of the features are mentioned here: 

  • Speed/ power
  • Flexibility benefits
  • Acceleration pace 
  • String tension and pattern 
  • Rackets colors 
  • Swing weight and balance 


Speed and power is the plus point of any racket. There are lots of tennis rackets in the market, and Wilson clash 100 is one of them. It gives a key or advanced feature of fast speed and huge power.

Acceleration pace: 

Ease acceleration pace is another feature of this Wilson clash 100. It assists in aggressive cuts while going for extra spins. 

Flexibility benefits: 

This racket is very flexible, and it is very easy to avail of all of its benefits easily. It gives an advantage over an opponent.  Wilson clash designed to grant the fastest and easiest mechanics with the use of new technologies: Free Flex and Stable Smart. 

String tension and pattern: 

The string tension of Wilson clash 100 is 48-58 pounds. And moreover, the string pattern of this tennis racket is 16 mains and 19 crosses. 

Swing weight and balance: 

The swing weight of this racquet is 312, and the balance point of this Wilson clash 100 is 12.59in/31.98cm / 7 pts HL. The head size of this Wilson's racket is 100 inches square. 

Colors of racquet: 

The colors which are available for this racket are: black, grey and red.  It just comes in three different colors.

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  • Offers eased acceleration pace.
  • It provides all possible flexibility benefits.
  • Speed and power are outclassed. 
  • The design is very attractive. 
  • It comes in different colors.



  • Less affordable.
  • Plough through deficiency is low.
  • The sweet spot of a small valley requires more power to control.
  • It usually gets pushes around.


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8.  Head gravity pro Tennis racket

Head gravity pro Tennis racket

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One of the elegant racquets among all of the other rackets of the head's family. This is another advanced model called Head Gravity Pro. This advanced model steps out of the box and this racket introduces by the head and feels unlike else in the lineup. 

It offers an impressive stability balance. Due to the control and amazing feel, it becomes very famous among playtesters. The entire feature of gravity pro is very arm friendly. Control-oriented string patterns 18*20, and 100sq inches head size allows players to play well and freely. 

Due to strung weight, this racket is lighter in weight, so it is very easy to attack the balls and to absorb the redirecting pace from the back of the net or court. It offers touch on volleys and great control to playtesters. It provides stability, optimal comfort, and control to the court. 


The feature of this Head Gravity Pro is listed down here: 

  • Head size 
  • Volleys
  • Ground strokes 
  • Swing weight
  • String pattern 
  • Serves 

Head size: 

The Head Gravity Pro has a slightly widest and higher head than other racquets. But it is in the favor to strike the ball easily. The size of the head is 100 sq in. 


It has the combination of spiral fiber and thin beam, which made the Head Gravity Proa dream to a valley with. Despite its heavyweight, it is not easily pushed around. The extra mass kept players of Head Gravity Pro away from overlapping. 

Ground strokes: 

The head of the racket is striking. This is a tear-shaped racket that separated it from other models of the head's family. This is perfect for groundstrokes. It is easy to move around because of the swing weight, which is 330. 


The service is the most challenging shot for players. Weight offers plenty of paces, and its players feel some fatigue in their shoulders after serving. It is a bit difficult to down the ball in the service box. 

String patterns: 

The string pattern of Head Gravity Pro is 18*20. It is 18 from main and 20 from crosses sides of the Gravity pro racquet. 

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  • Has a high level of response. 
  • Has balanced stability. 
  • Spin is very good due to the string pattern. 
  • Works well for strung around 44 pounds. 
  • The plow is a good trait.



  • The launch angles of Head Gravity Pro are a bit lower. 
  • It is heavy to play fast.
  • Snaps the wrist much more.  
  • Less affordable.


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9. Yonex EZONE 98 Tennis Racket

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With the help of EZONE 98, Yonex established a very strong and unique weapon for the new upcoming players. The player who wants to do easy targeting with speedy rackets then this is best for them. This Yonex EZONE 98 is not just for intermediate players but also for the players who want to take their game on the next or higher level. 

It delivers many precision and perfect spins. Resulting in a bigger sweet spot, it comes with an isometric head shape. It has fewer frames, which results in huge energy transfer to the shuttlecock or ball. A predictable response from the string bed is also available.

 There is enough space or mass, which keeps the head steady against different levels of paces.  Feel of this racket is so speedy, which helps in serves. In short, this is a very solid and perfect option for exceptional or intermediate players who wants a light racket with targeting and a good feel. 


The features of this exceptional rackets are mentioned below: 

  • Head size
  • Composition 
  • Racket colors
  • Unstrung balance and weight 
  • Length and weight 

Head size: 

The head size of this Yonex EZONE 98 is about or near to 98 inches square and 630 cm square. The head size is the area of racket's head where string beds the rackets. 


The composition of anything is that how a thing is established. The composition of this racket is HM Graphite/hyper MG/ Nanometric DR/quake shut gel air. 

Racket color: 

There is no wide variety of colors of this Yonex EZONE 98. It simply comes in just a bright blue color in the market. 

Unstrung balance and weight: 

The unstrung balance of this Yonex EZONE 98is 33cm/4 HL. And the unstrung weight of this tennis racket is 10.1oz/ 285 gm. 

Length and weight: 

There is another important factor of this Yonex EZONE 98is its length and its weight. The length of this exceptional racket is 27 inches and 68.5 cm. The weight of this racquet is 10.07oz and 303 gm.

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  • It flexes for more shot power.
  • Has vibration dampening properties.
  • It has a faster swing speed.
  • There are bigger sweet spots.


  • Not a great racket for finesses players.
  • This is not the most stylish racket.
  • No more and new attractive varieties. 

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10. Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet

Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Burn 100S racket is specially made for the players who are looking and finding the best and new advanced feature rackets. This Burn 100S is introduced by Wilson. Wilson's rackets are fully equipped with spin effect technology. It has an incredible string pattern, which is 18*16. Without carrying too much mass, this racket is maintained a significant swing weight.

The team of Wilson tested this racket many times after launching it. And all reviews were very positive and friendly. It is worth noting because features are very good and according to the crisp of customers or players. Some of the discomforts also occur in this racket, but despite all discomforts, it is most liked by the players. The stability and point to precision are always at the net. Now, we are going to discuss the features of this extraordinary racquets. 


So some of the main features are mentioned here: 

  • Precision spin technology
  • Racket for seasoned baseline players 
  • Fiery topspin in shot
  • Head size and string pattern 
  • Brand logo 

Precision spin technology: 

This is the additional advanced feature of this Wilson Burn 100S. In it, there is a precision spin effect technology involved. It helps the daring baseline players the most. Forward spin is very important, so the opponent easily pushes backspin shot. 

Racket for seasoned baseline players:

This Wilson Burn 100S is the perfect and right choice for the players. Players who based their strategies on powerful baseline shots this is a very great thing for them. This racket is the real weapon for all of the aggressive players who play with real power. 

Fiery topspin in the shot: 

This Wilson Burn 100Sis very successful among the player and still has its own name in the market. In the comparison of other opponents, its weights are reduced slightly to 300 grams. But the features didn't change; they remain the same or unchanged. 

Head size and string pattern: 

The head size and string pattern are other features. The head size is 645 cm square. And the string pattern is 18*16. In which 18 are main strings and 16 are crosses. 

Brand logo: 

This is the most important feature of this racket. It has its own identity because there is a "W" sign in the strings. Wilson's "W" sign shows that to which brand this racket belongs. 

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  • A top design racket.
  • Very easy to swing. 
  • Increases the shot energy with fewer efforts. 
  • Has perfect volley control.
  • A top choice for play at the net.
  • This is very best for advanced players. 


  • Slightly stiff. 
  • Less control over baseline strikes. 
  • Not recommended for beginners. 
  • The tension is high.


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Buying guide-Things to consider while buying a tennis racket

When someone is buying any tennis racket, there is some crucial point which must be seen by the player or customer. The three critical features are discussed here:

  • Weight
  • Head size 
  • Balance 

#1 Weight: 

The performances of all tennis rackets can greatly affected by their weights. If the tennis racket is heavy, then the player needs to apply more power or more effort to play. And stability throughout the swing gets affected. Heavy rackets absorb more power or more shock then the lighter rackets. On the other hand, rackets with lighter weigh have the ability to swing easily and accurately. So, one must see this factor while buying tennis rackets. 

#2 Head size: 

Head size depends on the total surface area of the string bed. This is measurable in square inches and centimeters. As the head size of the racket is grater, the more power and forgiveness provides to the player. This is also one of the most important and crucial factors which must be seen while buying any professional tennis racket. It must be between 95- 105 sq inches.

#3 Balance: 

Last but not least, this is a crucial factor everyone must consider before buying a racket. The balance point is the point where tells us the distribution of weights within any racket. The balance weight categorized into three parts: headlight, even balance, head-heavy. Headlight rackets have more mass in handle. The even balance has mass distribution throughout. The heavy head distributes weight in the hoop of any racket. This is also keenly seen while buying any professional racket for beginners, intermediate or advanced players. 


Do tennis rackets wear out?

Yes, tennis rackets do wear out. However, the major question is how long does it take before they finally wear out, and how do you know when they begin to wear out? Typically, tennis rackets stay around for about 2 years of regular use before they need to be replaced. Although tennis racket's frame may not show any conspicuous sign of damage, this does not nullify the fact that the racket would gradually weaken as a result of re-stringing and consistent playing. By implication, this could affect the overall performance of the racket and even pose a threat of injury. 

The reason why it's a bit difficult to tell when a racket is totally worn out is because; unlike a hockey stick, baseball bat or anything similar, the ball hardly comes in direct contact with the frame of the tennis racket. So how do you know when your tennis racket has begun to wear out? The most prominent telltale sign of a worn-out racket is a crack. Although these cracks may be hardly noticeable, the racket will however change in the way it plays immediately. 

Is a lighter or heavier tennis racket better?

Technically, the answer to this kind of question all depends on what your personal playing preferences are. This is because both light and heavy rackets have their individual characteristics which have considerable effects on the player's game. Let's consider the effects of both kinds of rackets. 

For heavy rackets, they have the ability to absorb higher shock on impact. By implication, there is less impact on the player's arm. When compared to lighter rackets, they tend to be better at the same string tension. When returning fast, they are much more solid and stable with powerful shots. Lighter rackets deliver this with more incredibility. For players who play hard and fast, this becomes a liability because they require a stronger and more developed arm to swing.

On the other hand, lighter rackets provide better maneuverability especially near the net and even at the baseline. Typically, lighter rackets will cause the player to use a faster and more powerful swing because they give less power on their own. You should also know that lighter rackets are very unreliable and shaky against swift shots. 

How do I know if my tennis racket is too heavy?

The easiest way to know if a racket is too heavy for you is by playing the average number of games you usually play with that specific racket. This means that if you normally play three set matches, try playing a three set match with that racket. If you can make it through all the 3 matches without feeling any discomfort, then it's most likely that you can handle the weight of the racket. It all actually depends on you. What you feel comfortable lugging around with may not be what another player likes. If you observe a significant drop off in your performance during the course of the game, then the chances are that the racket is too heavy for you.

Final words

Here I’m going to discuss about the conclusion of the above review.In this article here, we discussed the top 10 best tennis rackets in markets. All rackets are very famous and hit among players. Most of the rackets are used by international players in their games and tournaments. Prices of all these rackets are varying from time to time. Every racket has its own advanced feature and specifications. 
Some are good in spins, some are lighter in weight, some have larger head sizes, and some rackets have stable balance. But, buying a professional tennis racket is not an easy task.In other words, every racket has its own speciality.If you are a begineer you not need to buy too much expensive racket for practicing purpose. 
You can use racket of average price. If we talk about the best tennis racket for one advanced player is not best for another one. It depends on the player's strength, body structure, and also handgrip, which is one of the most important things must be taken into account while buying a professional tennis racket.
 So, therefore here we also discussed all of the three crucial critical and crucial features to look for in a tennis racket. Head size, weight, balance, cost of the racket, string tension, and string type all these features must be seen while buying any advanced racket for advanced and professional players. On average, the range of professional tennis rackets starts from above $100, and of course, it depends on the features, brand, model, and other details. 

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