Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets For Women In 2021 (Updated)

Are you a female tennis player? and are you looking for the best tennis rackets for women? you are in the right place. Read this article carefully I will let you know how to choose a tennis rackets for women.

Tennis is a game that can be mastered and learned in youth and then played on for a lifetime. In case you are a lady searching for the tennis racket that is perfect for you, then don’t worry, this article or rather review will help you settle for the best tennis racket for your gaming needs.

Before you purchase, know about your aptitude level (learner, moderate, or progressed) and your specific needs on the court: maneuverability, power, control, etc. Below are the top 10 tennis rackets for women that you should consider.

Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket
  • Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz / 317.51g
  • String Pattern; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No

10 Best Tennis Rackets For Women Reviewed

1. Babolat Pure Drive

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz / 317.51g
  • String Pattern; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket

Players Endorsing; Garbine Muguruza, Julia Goerges, Sofia Kenin, Karolina Pliskova, and Amanda Anisimova

The top on the list of best tennis rackets for women is Babolat Pure Drive women’s tennis racquet. This racquet weighs about 11 ounces and is ideal for a range of tennis players including baseliners.

Babolat will assist you convey superb force and a lot of turn. In case you are looking for considerably more power, you should try Babolat, which is the all-encompassing rendition utilized by the late resigned tennis player Dominica Cibulkova. babolat pure drive is one of the best tennis racket for beginners.

On court, Babolat is dangerous from the baseline this is due to its spin-friendly target and explosive acceleration. It is superb for cranking winners especially when charging forward to the net. With additional tweaks to the touch, this racquet is still and continues to be the greatest option for players who want something light but explosive. babolat pure drive is also best tennis racquets for all type of players.


  • It’s loaded with increased power.
  • Has a high spin potential
  • Friendly to the user.


  • It’s hard to control power

2. Head Graphene 360 Speed MP

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz / 318g
  • Pattern of the string; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Tennis Racket

Players Endorsing; Ashleigh Barty, Bianca Andreescu, Cori (Coco) Gauff, Elise Mertens And Samantha Stosur

Head opens a new page to the Speed MP. Like its predecessors, this racquet provides its users with a great feel and manageable power to progress and intermediate players. It features an open string pattern of 16x19 and a speed MP that packs a tad more potential spin ability.

While less ground-breaking than the first tennis racquet on our rundown, this is a quick swinging racquet that offers balance over a wide scope of attributes hence enabling tennis players to do great from any position in the court. It's one of the best tennis racquets for women as well.

You will discover that the name of the racquet has the letters MP. The letters simply mean middles which is a reference to a 100 square inch head of the racquet.


  • It is light-weight hence stability and comfort during play
  • Most of its parts are made of graphite hence it is durable.
  • Weight is kept minimum because of the graphite material
  • It is most ideal for advanced and intermediate female tennis players.


  • This racquet is unstrung
  • The strings do not come with the head logo

3. Babolat Pure Strike 100

Key specifications

  •   Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.1oz / 315g
  • Pattern of the string; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
Babolat Pure Strike 100 Tennis Racket

  Endorsing players; Anett Kontaveit and Bethanie Mattek-Sands

The good name and fame of the Pure Strike generation of tennis racquets is no mystery, and the latest generation, Babolat Pure Strike 100 is here to maintain the good reputation of Pure Strike.

 This advanced generation of Pure Strike women's racquet offers exceptional control and maneuverability, making it an incredible weapon for phenomenal tennis players.

Even though it is somewhat heavier than its previous generations, it flaunts a valuable front lamp balance that gave play testers abundant open chances from the baseline to strike deep or load up on turn and dispense points, all while keeping up a quick and whippy swing. This is one of the best tennis racquets for intermediate and women's player.

The racquet likewise has the same great feel as that of its Pure Strike 98 counterparts. Regardless of the solid positives that this Pure Strike 100 provides, play testers concurred that the Pure Strike 100 needed more stability, particularly when at the net. 


  • High maneuverability
  • Friendly when it comes to spinning
  • String bed lively


  • It has some issues particularly when it comes to stability.

4. Babolat Pure Aero 2019

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz / 318g
  • Pattern of a string; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
  • Players Endorsing; Johanna Konta
Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket

Aero 2019 is best known for its topspin ability, ubiquity in all levels, and easy power. So it would not be a mistake to say that the Aero family has truly done a lot in the transformation of the contemporary baseline game.

 Initiated by Rafael Nadal, the Aero development made a class of forceful baseline tennis that has surprised the tennis world.

 The most up to date addition to the Aero family, the latest generation Pure Aero 2019, was the ideal candidate for worldwide playtests, and it effectively defended its reputation.

Even though it has a similar moniker as its previous generation, some improvements have been made to the Pure Aero. Some of the improvements include an exceptional new cosmetic look.

This improvement includes a somewhat lower RA firmness rating of 67. Its Cortex dampness system has also been relocated to 9 and 3 o'clock hence offering more comfort ability and controlled response than its predecessors.

However, dread not long-lasting Aero clients, this solace didn't come at the expense of the easy turn and force stalwart fans have generally expected from this line.

In fact, be it the testers were censuring cracking serves or groundstrokes, Pure Aero 2019 remains the number one weapon for tennis players of all levels. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or an expert.

The advantages of this racquet exceed playing potential and appeal to any person who wants to add some Rafi to their game.


  • Has superpower
  • High spin ability
  • Better feel and more comfortable than its counterparts.


  • Hard to control particularly flat shots

5. Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph v7

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 104 in² / 670.97 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.4oz / 323g
  • Pattern of the string; 18 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
  • Player Endorsing; Serena Williams
Wilson Blade SW104 Autograph v7 Tennis Racket

The SW104 Autograph v7 is once again back with all the features and greatness of its predecessors. This racquet has extra power because it is a little bit bigger than normal tennis racquets.

The extra length enables players particularly on serves to strike the ball high hence offering them more power and lower chances of error. It is additionally powerful, precise, and stable. It's also a good tennis racquet for intermediate and advanced players and also good racket for women as well.

8 pts headlight and at 10.8 oz, this racquet features a plow through and mobility. It additionally features the same flexibility as its previous generation.

Strikingly enough, the customary Blade 104 v7 is substantially more adaptable than the past generation (FreeFlex expanded the flex by around 18% in the 104). SW104 remains an incredible racquet for its slender radiated power and lengthened whippings.

This racquet is a decent choice for an intermediary player yearning for additional force.

Also don't forget to check our wilson hyper hammer 5.3 review


  • It is an exceptional option for intermediate tennis players.
  • Its elongated 28 inches length offers additional power and reach.


  • Its control is a bit low plus the touch or feel is not that good.

6. Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) Blue

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 98 in² / 632.26 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.4oz / 323.18g
  • Pattern of the string; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
  •  Endorsing player; Naomi Osaka
Yonex EZONE 98 (305g) Blue Tennis Racket

Yonex not only maintains good things but it also keeps them going. It has made some improvements and furnishings to the grommet system and composition of EZONE 98. Similar to the previous versions,

 this racquet swings easy and it features an exceptional combination of precision, touch, and spin. Unlike past generations, this version of Yonex has a restructured Isometric head shape that offers a larger sweet spot.

Yonex has additionally restructured the grommet structure with a Micro-offset layout technology that makes the strings soak up more vibration during impact.

Some other additional furnishings to this racquet include the utilization of Hyper-MG ( hyper modulus graphite) on the upper hoop.

On the groundies, this racket feels fast, surgical, and crisp. In the case of big swings, players find their marks without a lot of struggle and it has more spin potential that enables players to execute robust trajectories and angles that are extreme.

At the front of the court, EZONE 98 is fast especially for reaction volleys and it provides clean technicalities with simple targeting. There is additionally enough touch when dropping the ball extremely short.

Despite its lack of enough stability of a conventional weighted player’s racket, there is enough room for more customization.


  • Has more power
  • Added spin potential
  • Has a large sweet spot


  • The upper hoop feels stiff
  • Lacks good control

7. Yonex VCORE 100 (300g) Galaxy Black

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz / 318g
  • Pattern of the string; 16 Main / 19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; No
  • Endorsing player; Angelique Kerber
Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Rackets

VCORE 100 (300g) is the most sophisticated and forgiving in the series of Yonex. It has a solid feel and offers easy handling. VCORE 100 Galaxy black has similar playability and specifications as that of the red version.

This racquet has been carefully designed for the spin and speed of the present game. With only 11.2 ounces strung, VCORE 100 is recommended for intermediate players however advanced players who want a lighter racquet can also use it.

This racquet additionally has Namd which is a type of graphite that features an exclusive fast frame snapback and flax that provides more aggressive spin and exceptional grip on the ball. Overall, VCORE 100 maintains power while playing with a lot of feel.

At the net and on serve VCORE 100 works exceptionally well making it perfect for any player who comes to the net to away volleys or a doubles player’s dream.

This racquet has a fresh vibe and swings rapidly, which brings about a lot of turn from the pattern. Generally speaking, the VCORE 100 (300) is an extraordinary alternative for moderate to cutting edge players hoping to furnish their game with more spin and speed.


  • High maneuverability
  • Friendly especially when spinning


  • The hoop is a bit unstable

8. Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in²/645.16 cm² 
  • Weight of the strung; 10oz/283g
  • Pattern of the string; 16 Main/19 Cross 
  • Power; Low-Medium 
  • Pre-strung; No 
  • Player Endorsing; Daria Kasatkina
Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo Tennis Racket

This racket is tops on the list as the best gear for women. It has incredible properties, creates excellent mobility, and offers incredible performance. At 26.5 inches in size, this racket is shorter than other regular adult rackets, giving users greater control.

This racket is specially designed for women's play as it is 0.32 (1 cm) shorter than the regular 26.5-inch racket. Besides, it is portable that the average 300-gram tennis racquet.

It comes with an explicitly balanced casing with relocated mass, the casing is 24mm at the top of the head, 26mm at the center, and 25mm at the base.

All of these features increase the performance of the racket. In addition, a proactive (16 × 19) string design with larger gaps between main lines and junctions is used to increase the spin potential.


  • Has high spin potential
  • Because it is short it gives players more control


  • Somewhat shorter

9. Wilson Burn 100S

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in²/645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.3oz/320.35g
  • Pattern of the string; 18 Main/16 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-strung; None
  • Player Endorsing; Elina Svitolina
Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racket

If you are looking for a great racket that allows you to spin and hit the ball in comfort, try this Wilson Burn 100S. This device is equipped with a special spin-impact innovation with a firm grip that allows you to spin these balls easily and quickly.

In addition to the spin technology, this racket has also been developed for players who are looking for strength and durability from the start. That explosive power and spin innovation is what a lot of players want.

Manufacturers have also considered swing weight and made this racket out of lightweight materials. This is to help the user hold the device comfortably without feeling any weight and hit the ball. 

Play testers after using this gadget realized that it can offer a perfect and lively spin. It was important, however, to note that all that free power and spin come at a cost. They also discovered steadiness and simplicity to use exactness at the net.

While volleys were simple to strike, a lot of our player testers concurred that the Burn 100S stood out when it came to service. Generally, we feel that when hung with a gentler string, the racquet can be a weapon in the possession of an attacking player. 


  • Its offers a perfect spin
  • Comes with a Spin Effect innovation
  • The racquet is portable


  • Difficult to control sometimes

10. Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP

Key specifications

  • Size of the head; 100 in²/645.16 cm²
  • Weight of the strung; 11.2oz/318g
  • String Pattern; 16 Main/19 Cross
  • Power; Low-Medium
  • Pre-Strung; No
  • Player Endorsing; Maria Sharapova
Head Graphene Speed MP Tennis racket

The last one on our list for best tennis racquets for women is Head Graphene 360 Instinct. This is one of the most advanced and high-quality racket that delivers amazing power and spin. Manufacturers put their Graphene 360 material on the post and some areas along the rim for a more impressive and powerful response.

Play testers found this racket to be more convenient to move and use compared to other rackets. However, our player testers surprised to discover that this device had a higher swing weight compared to other similar racquets as it felt so easy to swing.

 While they valued this Graphene 360 Instinct MP's simple profundity on both groundstrokes and serves, they were left wanting for somewhat more mass to give better crash through and solidness.

Generally, the Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP offers excellent mobility with exceptional spin potential for players of all playing styles.

With its strength and portability index that fits the arm moderately, this is a great racket for beginners who like to swing big and score points.


  • Easy to swing
  • Simple to strike with depth


  • It misses a few plow

Buying Guide-Things to Consider while buying tennis rackets for women

Buying Guide

Does My Racquet Choice Matter?

Should I consider the choice of my Racquet?

Well, the choice of the right Racquet is very important. Although, for a beginner, success depends on his/her technique and fundamentals of the game and not necessarily the type of Racquet used.

In other words, you won’t improve your tennis game by default through the use of a particular Racquet, a good racquet will only maximize and enhance your game.

Every Racquet is designed purposefully to fit a particular mode of play. If you want to acquire power, topspin, comfort, or control, there are different Racquets meant for them.

At the beginning of your journey in tennis, you could choose to start with an affordable Racquet or go straight to acquiring a more expensive one, but then, feel comfortable using a cheaper one.

You shouldn’t spend more than $40 on your first purchase. For instance, if you find tennis not the right sport for you or your performance turns not as expected, you are not going to lose as much.

On the other hand, if at first you realize tennis isn’t becoming good enough, then it would be easier ditching your cheap Racquet for someone pro and be excited spending the extra amount.

 Beginners have to pick on particular attributes of racquets depending on the direction they take (which we shall discuss in depth) and should ask themselves questions while making selections of their best racquets.

Questions to Ask Yourself

These four questions will help guide you as you choose the best racquet for your gaming needs.

What’s your budget?

If your budget only allows for a racquet worth less than $50, then without worrying, go on the lookout at inexpensive tennis racquets guide and purchase the best one to get you started

In this guide, we are going to focus on tennis racquets that are best for women who are ideal beginners and intermediaries as well. Therefore, we request to feature Racquets that are worth more than $150.

If you wish to start with a little higher Racquets prices, but not ready for the expensive lot, then you can take time and read on best under 50$ racquet reviews.

What is your long-term goal as a tennis player?

Understanding your major goal would aid in choosing the right racquet. If you are going to commit yourself to the sport enough to compete or be in a women’s league, then a high-end quality racquet is the right choice.

On the other hand, if for instance, you are not that much busy with your racquet, maybe you are casual or infrequent then you ought to use inexpensive ones.

What type of stroke do you have?

Expert players and beginners usually swing the racquet slowly because of their compact strokes. They are well aided by a racquet with a larger front size and one that is light-weight.

This makes it easy to move around and creates more power and reduces the chances of making errors.

Advanced players and the intermediate ones usually have complete swings and their strokes are fast since they have been playing for some time.

While at this point, increasing the racquet weight and decreasing the size of its head would make it powerful and with much control since the weight of the racquet has been combined with the player's technique.

Which style of play do you have?

As you develop your skill, your game picks on three basic styles of play. An intermediate or advanced player would easily identify where she is at.

Aggressive base lining: you are found mostly at the baseline and you hit with topspin.

Net rushing: You close points by running quickly towards the net and hitting volleys.

All court: You have no problem playing from any point on the court.

Different racquets are compatible with these many ways of playing, but any type of racquet can be used in each style.

Types of Tennis Racquets

Let us observe these three types of tennis racquets: control, tweeter, and power. These would help you quickly select the best out of many options.

When searching for a new racquet, you can quickly narrow down your options if you’re familiar with these.

Power racquets

The basic function of this type of racquet is to provide a lot of power while hitting. Its name suggests that as well. They are ideal for beginners.

Their front size is large: A larger head reduces the probability of making errors while in play. It also increases power.

Stiff frame: a stiff frame provides more reaction on the ball thus increasing racquets power. Frame stiffness runs from 55-75, higher numbers indicating stiffer ones.

Open string pattern: these are strings with less density, they usually make the ball sink deeper into the string mesh hence more energy to the ball at contact.

Lightweight: they are lighter, these make them easy to use and with a lot of control. Their weights fall in the 8.0-10.5 ounces bracket.

Control racquets

They are mainly designed to put players in their full control of the game.

Smaller size head: a smaller size of head decreases trampoline and provides more control on play.

Flexible frame: this kind of frame would absorb energy at swing and adds control with more ease to the player.

Closed string pattern: this creates a firm bed of string reducing the trampoline effect and the potential of spinning on the ball. It also provides more control.

Heavyweight: with every other component at the bar, the weight adds on the power of a racquet but the player has to be strong and skillful enough. Control racquets have a smaller head but this is compensated by having more weight. They would weigh around 10.5 plus ounces.

Tweeter racquets

The name tweeter comes from the word between. This type of racquet lies intermediary, between power and control racquets. They have the following characteristics;

Head Size

They take mid-range flexibility

Open string pattern depending on the type.

Not heavy and not light, roughly around 10-11 ounces

Tweeter is meant for players looking out for more power and control all together without lying on one side. They are suitable for a larger group of players from beginners intermediate to advanced. 

Grip Size Considerations

This is the measure of the handles diameter/circumference. This attribute is as well very crucial. Adult tennis racquets usually have different sizes of grip, at the moment you get yourself a racquet to ensure you get the right size of handles circumference.

Right size grip ensures a comfortable play and avoids injury. After all, the kind of grip chosen depends on one's preferences.

Here's a quick snapshot of the grip sizes available for most racquets:








4 1/8



4 1/4



4 3/8



4 1/2



4 5/8



4 3/4


You can check our How to measure tennis grip size here

Strings for Your Racquet

There are two categories of racquet string:

  • Synthetic
  • Natural gut

You might be surprised to learn that naturally gutted strings are made out of cow intestine, and it is a very resilient material. It has been in use ever since 1875. However, they are expensive and therefore reserved for advanced players.

Synthetics are modern and widely used as they offer at least an attribute they like to anyone. They are in three classes;

Synthetic gut



Individuals with lesser abilities ought to settle on weighty headed rackets. However, these rackets provide good swings but lesser power.

On the other hand, master players will pick light-weight tennis rackets so that they have the best maneuverability, Net play and perfect spins. Even though, the weighted handles proficiently assimilate stun in a way that is better than the lightweight took care of rackets.

Frequently Ask Question

What’s the Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Tennis Racquets?

If you are a beginner or you have never played tennis it is possible that you are wondering whether there is a difference between women’s and men’s racquet.

The fact is that all racquets are designed to be used by any gender. The only thing here is that men and women may have a preference for specific features in a racquet.

For instance, because of their strength, men may prefer a racquet with a bigger grip size or one that is heavyweight. However, that is not majorly the case. It is common for women and men to share the same racquet.

There is only one unique exception when it comes to making racquets. Tecnifibre is one known company that makes a racquet that is specifically meant for women, Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo.

What is the advantage of a longer racquet?

The only advantage of a longer racquet is that it gives you extended reach and more power, while a medium-length racquet offers you easier control and more maneuverability.

To test this aim a ball towards any target and swing the racquet with the hand kept near the neck, then try once more with your hand kept at the butt cap end. More control is attained when the hand is close to the striking area of the racquet.

Should I play with mid plus or oversize?

Choosing a head size is a personal choice, however, there are some things to guide you. Oversize provides a larger sweet spot hence more forgiveness margin. This is important particularly

if you are a low-intermediate or novice player. A good number of expert tennis players use mid plus because it offers them more maneuverability and control. However, the likes of Serena Williams and Andre Agassi use oversized racquets.

Final words

There are various types of best tennis rackets for women in the market to choose from. You only need to assess the racquet based on your expertise or go through a buying guide before you settle for one.

The features or rather parameters listed in the guide above are supposed to be followed when perusing through the products. 

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