Top 10 best sunglasses for tennis in 2021

Are you a tennis enthusiast who needs to win the kingdom in every organized tournament? Do you understand the importance of tennis sunglasses during gaming sessions? Right, tennis sunglasses protects players’ eyes to enhance their gaming experiences. But what are the best tennis sunglasses worthy of purchasing? 

This review covers tennis players who need to take their gaming experiences higher to win the kingdom. We shall review the ten best sunglasses for tennis worthy of purchase by every tennis player.

 Further, we will provide a shopping guide to help prospective buyers narrow down their selection process. Incorporating these ideas will a tennis player select the best sunglass to use while on the court. 

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses
  • Lightweight and flexible sunglasses
  • Excellent UV protectors
  • Fits excellently
  • Full of value-added features

10 Best Sunglasses for Tennis Reviewed

With the wide variety of tennis sunglasses in the market, selecting what satisfies your need isn’t such an easy exercise. In this review, we provide prospective buyers a hint of top-notch models worthy of purchasing. Get tuned to get an insight into the best sunglasses for tennis to consider. 

1. Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

Bolle Bolt Sunglasses

We present Bolle Bolt Sunglasses at the top due to the positive reviews they continue to garner from users. These sunglasses feature powerful lenses that filter all UV rays to provide players maximum protection while on the court. Apart from the UV filtration function, Bolle Bolt Sunglasses have unique contrast enhancements to offer excellent clarity. In addition, they boast an anti-fog treatment feature that prevents fogging situations during a competition.

As modern type products, Bolle Bolt manufacturers design these sunglasses to remain firm on players' faces. They employ the thermogrip technology at the nosepiece, temple tips, and nose pads to ensure they stay strong throughout. Surprisingly, grip levels increase or become more activated when you sweat or add few water droplets on these components. Also, they come with sturdy and durable cases for storage when not in use. 

However, even though manufacturers design them with different sizes, most of these sunglasses fit people with larger faces. Manufacturers design them with larger phantom lenses for increased visibility of the ball when playing. Nevertheless, Bolle Bolt sunglasses are the true representation of durable products around. Their lightweight and flexible design also enable them to stay firm while on the court. 


  • Lightweight and flexible sunglasses
  • Excellent UV protectors
  • Fits excellently
  • Full of value-added features


  • Don’t fit people with smaller faces
  • Aren’t such excellent performers on the court

2. Nike Trainer Sunglasses

Nike Trainer Sunglasses

Here come another top-notch tennis sunglasses boasting several features to compete for space in the industry. Like other advanced models, Nike Trainer Sunglasses lenses filter harmful UV light before they reach the eyes. Moreover, these sunglasses boast shatter resistance lenses to provide users maximum safety while busy in a competition. 
What makes these sunglasses unmatched is the inclusion of a performance tint in their construction. They also employ the MAX Optics technology to provide users maximum clarity and comfort when championing to win the kingdom. Consequently, these are among the few scratch-resistant tennis sunglasses in the market that can serve you for an extended period. Their lightweight nature also contributes significantly to their firmness to the player’s face while playing. 
Nike Trainer Sunglasses are excellent models to all people, either with small faces and large faces. They feature contoured designs to provide users optimal fit and hold firmly on the faces when busy on the court. Nevertheless, Nike Trainer Sunglasses feature self-adjusting nose pads as well as flexible temple arms. These features help in customizing the comfort and fitness of the sunglasses.


  • Fits all sizes of faces
  • Provide excellent grip
  • Excellent UV protectors
  • Enhanced clarity


  • Not excellent for off-court

3. Bolle Python Sunglasses

Bolle Python Sunglasses

Sunglass manufacturers try to design different sized products to fit all types of faces. However, few designers build specific sizes to fit a particular population of people. For instance, the Bolle Python models, in this case, are the perfect sunglasses for people with medium faces. These sunglasses boast several sports features with excellent lens technology to provide excellent clarity and visibility. 
Most tennis players purchase sunglasses purposely to protect them against harmful UV light. Bolle manufacturers design their lens using polycarbonates to protect users against reflected sunlight. Moreover, Bolle Python sunglasses are excellent models for people looking forward to getting long-term services. The polycarbonate lenses are not only lighter but also excellent impact resistors and thus making them ultra-durable. 
Furthermore, just like other top brands in the market, Bolle’s sunglasses boast an anti-fog coating feature. However, the anti-fog coats employed here offer permanent resistance to fog and chemicals, and scratches. Nevertheless, the Bolle Python sunglasses uses thermogrip technology to provide the necessary firmness to the player. The nose pads, temple tips, and nosepiece provide excellent grip at all times and even more when wet.


  • Excellent clarity
  • Provide eyes 100% protection against UV
  • Ultra-durable sunglasses
  • Provides excellent grip


  • Only perfect to medium faces
  • Not clear in cloudy weathers

4. Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

Quality is an important aspect when purchasing products, and indeed Oakley Men’s sunglasses beats the rest for their high-quality construction. Made in the USA, these tennis sunglasses employ powerful Platonize lenses capable of filtering all harmful UV radiations. They provide players protection from impactful and harmful UV light of wavelengths of up to 400mm. Besides this, the Platonize lens is known for providing excellent clarity than other lenses of its value. 
What makes them exceptional is their high-definition optics that contribute to players' clarity levels when on the court. Users enjoy excellent and sharp vision from any angle while playing to win the kingdom. A rare feature exhibited by tennis sunglasses is the interchangeable lens system that the Oakley manufacturer employed in their design. This feature helps to optimize the performance of the Oakley Men’s tennis sunglasses in all environments.
Consequently, Oakley manufacturers are few designers employing O matter stress-resistant frames in their construction for extra protection and comfort. They design the frames with injection molded thermoplastic to enable them to withstand deforming that arises after a long period of use. Nevertheless, Oakley Men’s sunglasses employ unobtanium ear socks and nose pads for excellent fit and comfort. Lastly, Oakley packages include micro-bags users can use to clean their sunglasses before storing. 


  • Quality construction
  • Comes with micro-bags for cleaning
  • Provide excellent and comfortable grip
  • Excellent UV protectors


  • Not ideal for off-court activities

5. Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses

Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses

Indeed the best option for many sportspeople since the past and even in the current days. Most people love the Under Armour Men’s sunglasses for the excellent safety and eye protection they provide. While other tennis sunglasses protects users against harmful radiations, these models extend their protection against harmful glare. Moreover, they provide additional protection against irreversible and cumulative eye damages from direct sunlight and other environmental agents.
Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses stands out due to their improved vision capacities as well as their general strength. Compared to other tennis sunglasses available, these models have sightlines improved up to 20% to provide excellent clarity. Another greatness in these sunglasses is their flexible and strong frames and lenses. Under Armour Men’s Core sunglasses employ lenses that are up to 10 times stronger than the standard options. 

Besides the above excellent features, these sunglasses emerge among the best models that maintain users' comfort. Unlike other tennis sunglasses, Under Armour Men’s models employ airflow technology to ensure players maintain coolest throughout. In addition, they have adjustable nose pads to ensure they get customized to fit user’s faces perfectly. Manufacturers advise customers to reach out for a refund or replacement whenever they receive damaged products or any other issue.  


  • Provides excellent clarity
  • Excellent eye protectors
  • Perfect grip
  • Fit all sizes of faces


  • Very narrow
  • Only best on courts

6. Bolle Lightshifter Sunglasses

Bolle Lightshifter Sunglasses

Yet Bolle presents another excellent tennis sunglass model designed with dedicated Phantom lenses for improved performance. Like other tennis sunglasses in the market, Bolle Lightshifter models have photochromic lenses that provide excellent clarity. Besides this, these lenses act as amazing sunlight filters to give users protection against harmful UV radiations. The anti-fog treatment technology employed by these sunglasses prevents fogging instances to provide users excellent visibility. 
Now, these are tennis sunglasses for people with larger faces since they have bigger lenses alike. As most people prefer sunglasses that hold them perfectly, the manufacturer never hesitated to consider this aspect when constructing them. They employ the thermal grip technology in the nose pad and temple tips to provide a firm grip on courts. Surprisingly enough, the grip level increases when wet; that is, the sunglasses will hold firmly even after sweating.  
Nevertheless, Bolle Lightshifter Sunglasses have a flexible design to provide excellent firmness while using them. In addition, their durable frames place them a step higher; they assure users excellent service for an extended period. Lastly, storing these sunglasses is more than a breeze for users. The manufacturer always includes cases in the package for perfect storage after use. 


  • Offers excellent clarity
  • Durable frames
  • Excellent grip
  • Protect the eyes from UV radiations


  • Not versatile
  • Only suitable for people with larger faces

7. Oakley Women’s Unstoppable Rectangular Glasses

Oakley Women’s Unstoppable Rectangular Glasses

These are sports glasses for women, please; men just look for something else to wear. Oakley Women’s sunglasses are excellent models for women who need to look stylish and take their gaming experiences higher. Usually, manufacturers design these sunglasses other with polarized lenses or totally without. Not only do they make perfect options for playing tennis, but you can also use them when hiking, cycling, and running. 
Oakley Women’s Unstoppable sunglasses are an excellent representation of quality in the market. Made in the USA, these sunglasses feature UV protection coats that prevent users from harmful UV radiations. They also have semi-rimless O Matter frames exhibiting a lightweight design to enable users to have an unobstructed view from all angles. Indeed the best tennis sunglasses sportspeople should give a try to take their gaming experiences higher. 
Furthermore, Oakley Women’s Unstoppable sunglasses manufacturers stressed more on comfort when designing these products. These sunglasses feature unobtanium nose pads to hold users firmly throughout their gaming activities. In addition, they employ the three-point fit system to keep them firm on the face and enhance comfort. Lastly, Oakley Women’s Unstoppable sunglass packages include cases for safe storage after use. 


  • Storage cases included
  • Protects eyes from UV light
  • Offers excellent grip
  • Quality tennis sunglasses


  • Poor lens quality
  • A bit costlier

8. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

People looking for tennis sunglasses that offers optimal durability should go for nothing other than the Tifosi Jet glasses. First, these models are shatterproof and resistant to chemicals, a feature that helps to increase their lifespan. Moreover, manufacturers employ durable frames that beat extreme heats to prevent wear and damage wherever you use them. They are recommended for their excellent work in protecting users against harmful UV rays. 
Unlike other sunglass models designed for a specific size of people, these options fit both the small and large faces. Their aggressive and sporty design makes them perfect for not only tennis enthusiasts but also athletes. Consequently, manufacturers design them with a seamless and lightweight design to perfect any outdoor activity. Tifosi Jet Sunglasses are indeed excellent options for sharpened vision in all angles. 
Those who have tested these sunglasses can testify how comfortable they are and how much they hold when worn. Unlike other models, these models' nose pieces get designed using hydrophilic rubber purposely to provide users excellent comfort. In addition, customers usually receive packages including care and usage instructions, cleaning bags, as well as zippered shell cases. The cleaning bag wipes off all traces of dirt on the sunglasses, while zippered cases are excellent storage units.


  • Comes with storage units
  • Protect the eyes from harmful radiations
  • Offers an excellent and comfortable grip
  • Ideal for both small and large faces


  • Not versatile
  • Earpiece starts peeling quickly

9. Oakley Men’s OO9388 EVZero Pitch Asian Fit Shield Sunglasses

Oakley Men’s OO9388 EVZero Pitch Asian Fit Shield Sunglasses

These are yet another Oakley sunglass model with special and exemplary features for better performance. Made in the USA; these are polarized tennis sunglasses designed for speed to suit several sports activities. Not only do they make the perfect fit for tennis players, but you can also employ them when running or training. 
Manufacturers design Oakley Men’s OO9388 EVZero sunglasses for people with wider nose bridges as well as higher cheekbones. What makes them a bit different is their plutonic lenses that protect users fully against harmful UV radiation. Moreover, they are among the few models with the lightest O Matter frames to provide users better performance. In addition, their frames feature a rimless toric Plutonite layer to enable users to enjoy the unobstructed view from all angles. 
Consequently, no market model can beat the Oakley Men’s OO9388 EVZero sunglasses in terms of durability and comfort. These sunglasses employ unobtainium ear socks as well as rubberized nose pads users to attain the highest grip possible. Nevertheless, they also use the three-point fit technology to ease users' pressure points to achieve optimum comfort throughout. Lastly, Oakley Men’s OO9388 EVZero packages include cases customers will employ to store their sunglasses after use. 


  • Ultra-durable
  • The package includes storage cases
  • Offers 100% eye protection
  • Excellent grip and comfort


  • Poor quality
  • Not good in cloudy weather

10. Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses

Our last top-notch tennis sunglass proved to outperform several models are the Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses. Excellent for both genders, these models are the lightest and perfect option for people who aren’t used to wearing sunglasses. Hulislem S1 Sunglasses lenses feature mirror flash coats that prevent harmful UV light that can damage the eyes. Moreover, the mirror flash coats limit the amount of light the eyes get exposed to. 
What makes Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglasses unmatched are their HD grade lenses obtained from similar toric lenses. Their super HD functions provide higher color contrast capabilities, amazing perception, and general optimal clarity. Another thing that makes them exemplary is the employment of the S1 coloring system for additional visibility levels. The S1 coloring system prevents distortion of the actual object colors as they add contrast users to attain enhanced visibility. 
Consequently, these are among the latest innovations in the market, boasting several advanced features for better performance. For instance, they employ the three-point fit technology to ensure they firmly hold as well as provide exceptional comfort. Furthermore, manufacturers construct these sunglass models using the TR90 thermoplastic materials to stay firm for an extended period. Lastly, Hulislem S1 Sport Polarized Sunglass packages come with cases for storage purposes after use. 


  • Excellent clarity
  • Includes storage cases
  • Exceptional grip and comfort
  • Maximum protection against UV rays


  • Not excellent in cloudy weathers
  • Temples not on the same plane

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Sunglasses for Tennis

Selecting an excellent tennis sunglass pair isn’t a walk in the path. You might even end up regretting purchasing a particular model once you don’t get satisfactory as you expected. However, with a formidable buyers guide, you will have a simplified purchasing process. Below are few aspects to consider when purchasing the best sunglasses for tennis.  

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UV Protection

Now, most people purchase tennis sunglasses to protect against harmful UVA, B, and C radiations. Remember, you will switch positions when playing, and at times the eyes might get into contact with direct sunlight. Mostly, we tend to ignore such radiations without knowing they later cause adverse effects to our eyes. So, why don’t you protect your eyes with a pair of tennis sunglasses?
A pair of tennis sunglasses offer maximum protection against UV radiations of up to 400mm. Apart from UV radiation protection, direct sunlight affects visibility that will lend you to miss out on several shots. Therefore, tennis sunglasses regulates the amount of light that reaches the eyes to enable you to perceive excellently.


In the market, manufacturers design different-sized tennis sunglasses to fit different sizes of faces alike. Other manufacturers opt to design their sunglasses to fit specific faces, while others construct sunglasses of all sizes. The edges of the frame and the lens should not interfere with your vision when busy on the court. But how can buyers determine sunglasses that provide excellent coverage of their eyes and faces?
Now, the lens and frame shape are excellent at determining the particular coverage sunglasses can provide. In that regard, sunglasses with larger lenses serve as the best options for providing sufficient coverage. On the other hand, the frame should excellently wrap the user’s face to enjoy a wide field of view. Nevertheless, semi-rimless sunglasses also make the perfect options since their frames' position doesn’t obstruct vision at all.


Of all the essential aspects buyers should consider when purchasing tennis sunglasses, the grip has a lot of weight. Remember, you will use these devices in different training sessions or even in tight competitions. You ought to get a pair that won’t slide off when busy on the verge of winning the tournament. Grippy tennis sunglasses make perfect options to avoid sliding issues from taking place.  
But how will you determine that the sunglass you intend to choose has sufficient grip? When determining a particular pair's grip, you should inspect components like the nose pads, nosepiece, and temple alike. Choose sunglasses whose grip components are designed of rubber or any other similar fabric. Such materials offer excellent grip and even more when they get moist.


Apart from coverage and grip, buyers should check up on the fitment aspect a lot when purchasing the best sunglasses for tennis. Remember, you need to give it all at the court to win the big tournament. When you are almost falling in for stylish sunglasses, also mind whether they will fit you excellently. Even if you own an expensive racquet, you will lose the match whenever you play with sunglasses that fall often.
When selecting the right fit sunglasses, you first need to choose the right size pair. Usually, manufacturers have sizing charts customers should follow in determining their right size sunglasses before they purchase. Consequently, those who will wear tennis hats and other headgears alongside the sunglasses should mind about components like the temples. Such people should consider sunglasses with straight temples to enable them to attain excellent fit.


Everybody always yearns for solid and sturdy products that can stay to provide long-term service. In this aspect, experts always advise sunglass buyers to look at scratch resistance features if they need products that last. Usually, there are different causes of scratches on the lens, and racquet swings are the greatest. Scratches blur the user’s vision making it hard to make correct and accurate shots on the court.
So, how can users avoid such scratches to enable their sunglasses to continue serving them effectively? There are anti-scratch sunglasses in the market you can alternatively purchase to avoid scratching instances. Consequently, the material used to construct components like the frames also play an important role in the overall durability. Choose a quality pair designed using high-end materials to get a long-term service.


Lastly, your budget plays a role in in purchasing the best sunglasses for tennis. Remember, buyers usually set the highest amount to pay for a particular product before entering the market. That is an excellent way of avoiding impulse buying or paying highly on a specific commodity and regret later.
So, depending on the amount, you plan to pay, write a list of the possible sunglasses that satisfies your needs. Filter all the options using their features and specifications before you reach the possible options to purchase. Finally, choose an affordable model from all the possible options you set aside. 

Frequently Ask Question

The frequently asked questions segment enables prospective buyers and users to grasp more about these products quickly.

Which is the best gear to use in the sun between sunglasses and hats?

Both the hat and sunglasses make the best gear when playing in the sun. However, the sunglasses make it best for both performance and eye protection alike.

Which is better between polarized and non-polarized lenses? 

Both these lenses serve an excellent service when talking about clarity and protection as a whole. It all depends on the user’s preference when deciding either of the two.

Which tennis sunglasses make the perfect options for tennis players?

We have several top-notch sunglasses in the market for use. However, a perfect option should fit players easily as well as have an extended lifespan

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Tennis sunglasses are integral gears for tennis players as well as any exercise activity. However, with manufacturers busy producing different models with varied features, buyers always find it hard to determine the best options. It’s only the best pair of sunglasses that will give you excellent results out of your daily activity. 
Our review has covered the best sunglasses for tennis in the market worthy of investing in. These are the models buyers should consider when they intend to purchase these products to avoid future regrets. Besides, we have a buying guide to help buyers narrow down the list when purchasing these items. Incorporating the ideas in this review will get you the best tennis sunglasses ever to use.

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