Babolat Pulsion 102 Tennis Racket Review

Are you looking for a racket that is easy to use? Or are you a young beginner or novice in need of a racket to improve your playing skills? Then the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket is just the ideal racket for you. We have written this Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket review for lovers of the popular Babolat rackets. 

The Babolat company is a French squash, badminton, and tennis equipment manufacturer with its headquarters in Lyon. Particularly, the Babolat manufacturers are best known for using strings of high quality in their rackets. This explains why their tennis accessories and tennis rackets have been endorsed by different top players. Some of these players are Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem, Jack Sock, Garbine Muguruza, Caroline Wozniacki, Karolina Pliskova, Julia Goerges, and Fabio Fognini. 

Since as far back as 1875, the company has been making strings. Its pioneer, Pierre Babolat, was the first to make strings out of natural gut. The company maintained its focus on the creation of strings until 1994 when it was rebranded into a full tennis company. It then began to produce and sell racket frames all over Europe. In 2000, the company expanded its scope of sales to Japan, and subsequently to the United States. Ever since, the demand for Babolat rackets has rapidly increased in Asia, Europe, and America. The company also pioneered the technology of connected sport and launched the very first connected tennis racket in 2015. Till today, the Babolat company is still being managed by the Babolat family with Eric Babolat as the CEO. 

Babolat Pulsion 102 Tennis Racket Review & Features


Highlighted Features

  • Body material: Composite graphite construction
  • Head size: 660cm² / 102.3 in²
  • Large oval-shaped head
  • Band width: 25 mm
  • Height: 27 inches
  • Weight: 270
  • Length: 68.5 cm / 26.97 in 
  • Grip Size: G3 – 11.11 cm
  • String pattern: 16 x 20
  • Stringing tension: 50 – 55 lbs
  • Yoke Dampening system
  • Swing speed: Slow to Medium
  • Strung Swingweight: 296

Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket

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  • Good power and maneuverability for beginners
  • Large hitting surface
  • Great amount of spin on shots
  • Elliptical graphite frame
  • Appropriate for beginners, and even for training kids
  • Nice feel
  • Fantastic playability 
  • Features the Yoke Dampening system
  • Soft elastometer dampener
  • Durable, yet lightweight frame


  • Poor power for intermediate players

Some more Details About Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket


The Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket has been constructed from composite graphite. It features a medium weight of 270g and a large head of 660cm², both of which contribute to its impressive maneuverability and power. 


Indeed, the power provided by this racket is its most prominent highlight. You will immediately feel the catapult effect of the Babolat Pulsion 102 racket, as soon as you strike your first couple of shots. Considering that this racket is actually lightweight, the power this model offers is remarkable. 

In addition, it is very easy for a player to hit the ball in the middle of the racket head, thanks to the 660cm² head size. The large hitting area also offers a trampoline effect and will empower you to generate enough power easily without having to stress your body. Thereafter, you are enabled to hit a large and excellent amount of spin on your shots as a result of the 16 x 20 string pattern.

Maneuverability and Control

Furthermore, the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket features better maneuverability than the Drive 105 racket. This is all thanks to the balance of 34cm and weight of 270 grams. The 34 cm balance means that the balance point is placed in the center of the racket. In essence, maneuverability and control are sure to be enjoyed by beginners, and may be by some intermediate level players. The racket is delivered strung with a cover (and a bag), and it is appropriate for adults. It is strung in Babolat Synthetic Gut Spiraltek 16 and it can be used by both men and women players 


It is also important to mention that the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket features the Yoke Dampening system, along with a soft elastometer that has been incorporated on to the yoke. The effect of this is that it reduces the vibration of the frame and string, thereby enhancing the comfort while playing. 

In all, it is pertinent to keep in mind that the racket in this Babolat Pulsion 102 racket review is best for beginners. It’s a 50:50 excellent choice for intermediate players, and it is not at all recommended for professional and expert tennis players. The Babolat pulsion 102 tennis racket can be used for both recreational and competition purposes. 


Can a 12 to 16 years old child play with it? 

Yes, the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket is absolutely okay for age brackets as young as 12 years and as old as 16 years old. It is a full size racket, so this makes it very easy to use. 

Is the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket perfect for intermediates? 

The answer to this kind of question is pretty much relative. However, data gotten from customer reviews online suggests that it is not suitable for skilled intermediate players. It does not offer enough power, and may consequently break after a couple of hard shots. 

Is the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket the best of the Babolat families?

Definitely not. The Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket is not at all one of the top Babolat rackets. The best Babolat rackets for spin, power, and even control are the Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat Pure Drive, and the Babolat Pure Strike. These range of Babolat rackets are very easy to swing as a result of their lightweight. Even the heavier Pure Aero Tour and Pure Aero Plus are very suitable for advanced players. This does not however mean that the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket is a bad choice. No, it’s not, but it’s just not the best of the Babolat tennis rackets. 


In all, the Babolat Pulsion 102 tennis racket has been designed for young beginner level players or players who are still trying to improve their game. It is truly a racket that is very easy to use. You should also keep in mind that the recommended string for the racket is SG Spiraltek. If you’re a first-timer buying a tennis racket, then we recommend this racket for you. 

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